.In Domain Name Registration In India

.IN Domain Name Registration in India



Domain names, across the globe have become of greater importance with the rise of internet as an excellent platform for e-commerce, governance, communication and education. Domain registration in a country suggests the extent of propagation of internet in that country. For India, .IN domain name is country code top level domain. .IN domain names represent India and are a unique mark of India in internet arena. This domain occupies the pinnacle position in world for India. Similar to .COM, .IN domain names can be used as email, blogs, websites, and other applications used online. .IN domain name is adopted recognizing the need that a unique domain name for India would mark the territory of Indian domains in internet space.


The analysis of existing .IN domain names with the economic development and the penetration of internet in country specifies that the spread of .IN domain names in country is less and is an untapped potential. Domain registration of .IN has been made hassle-free to promote this domain. .IN domain registration procedure is quite simple and everyone has access to it. .IN domain names are obtainable for sign-up through many registrars and to get domain name of .IN has become a relatively simple process.

Domain registration of .IN is available for organizations and individuals in India and outside India. The domain registration is done by registrars appointed by .IN registry and would happen through a transparent non-biased process. To get domain name, the registrant has to place a request online and should get the .IN domain name within 24 hours as per the guidelines by Government. .IN has some cheap domain names to offer which are cost-effective. Cheap domain names are offered as wholesale price to registrars for domains per year which includes registration, transfer and auto-renewal. Registrars, in turn can quote any price they decide upon for retail selling. The slab for .IN domain names is, for second level domain like .IN the price is 500 Rs, for third level domain like .co.in, net.in etc is 250 Rs and for RGP restore fee, the price is 1000 Rs.

The unlimited registrations are available in this domain in the areas like .in, co.in, net.in, org.in, firm.in, gen.in for general purpose & ind.in for individuals. These are available to everyone anywhere across the world without any restriction. Some zones are reserved for qualified organization in India like ac.in for academic institutions, res.in for Indian research institutes, edu.in for education institutions like college and university in India, gov.in for government agencies and mil.in for Indian military. These zones are restricted for specific organizations and are not available for general purpose.

Domain registration for .IN domain names has some general registration policies which are crafted to help the registrars like the minimum term for domain registration is one year and maximum is ten years and it has the feature of auto-renewal. The length of domain name has to be between 3 to 63 characters and only digits, letters and hyphens are allowed in domain name.

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.IN Domain Name Registration in India