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> Signamax Fiber Optic Media Converter Types

Signamax is a major media converter manufacturer and they make a large variety of different fiber optic media converter types.

The product line supports your Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet requirements. They even make rack mountable and chassis based media converters for existing network control centers.

In addition, Signamax also provides stand-alone and FTTH (Fiber to the Home) converter products to meet requirements to outlying locations.

> Management and Unmanagement Converters

Signamax’s unmanaged converters feature simplicity with Link Fault Signaling, this provides the feature for managed Ethernet switches to reroute when a path fails, and it is able to force speed and duplex modes where other brand names’ less flexible media converters cannot.

> Converters for Different Working Environment

Signamax also has converters to meet different working conditions.

They make a smaller footprint miniature converter for tight space applications. And they also have industrial fiber media converters for industrial environments where extreme temperature change is present.

> Signamax Ethernet Switches

Signamax’s Ethernet switches support cutting-edge technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) which uses your existing cabling to deliver DC power to VoIP (Voice over IP) phones, so that you can eliminate the need of a PBX.

With PoE, you can also provide DC power to your wireless access points so you can wireless extend your network.

Or you can even provide DC power to IP-based security cameras for security and surveillance.

With PoE capability, you can eliminate the need to extend AC power to awkward locations which significantly reduces cost.

> Signamax Unmanaged Media Converter Types

– 10/100 to 100FX Converters with Link Fault Signaling (LFS)

– 100BaseTX to 100FX Media Converters

– 10/100 to 100FX Single Fiber WDM Media Converters

– 10/100/1000 to 1000SX/LX Gigabit Media Converters

– 100FX Singlemode to Multimode Media Converters

– Gigabit Ethernet Media Converters

> PCI Based Fiber Media Converter Products

In response to an increase in fiber optics cabling deployment, PCI-based media converter products were introduced as an affordable option.

PCI-based media converters are a whole solution for fiber media conversion. It is available in all common fiber connector types both single mode and multimode. This includes SC, ST, VF-45, MTRJ, LC, WDM single mode SC, etc.

This series can be easily mounted to the PCI slot of a PC, workstation, or server without drivers installation and configuration.

This PCI-based converter does not need extra power since the power is supplied by the PCI slot in the computer.

The type of fiber media converter can extend the distance from a PC workstation or server to the fiber optic backbone cabling. This is really a flexible and reliable solution at an affordable cost.

> PCI Base Media Converter Advantages

– One port of fiber connection can extend the connection up to 2000 meters with a multimode fiber, up to 120km with a single mode fiber, and up to 40km with a single mode WDM SC cable.

– One port of RJ45 Copper connection with auto-negotiate and full duplex capability.

– This product is compliant with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX

– Back pressure and IEEE 802.3x compliant flow control

– Store-and-forward mechanism, non-blocking full wire-speed forwarding rate

> How to Use PCI-Base Media Converter

Ports: The converter provides one TX port and one FX port.

For the FX port, it provides options of multimode fiber using SC, ST, VF45, MTRJ, or LC connector, or single mode fiber using SC or ST connector, or WDM fiber using single SC connector.

For the TX RJ45 port, it uses RJ45 connector and auto negotiate the speed of 10/100 Mbps.

> How to Install the PCI-based Fiber Media Converter

1. Turn off the power to the computer.

2. Remove any metal decorations from your hands and wrists.

3. Remove the cover from your computer.

4. Locate an empty, non-shared bus mastering 32-bit PCI slot and remove the corresponding back-plane. Save the screw.

Do not install the PCI-based media converter in a shared PCI slot.

5. Carefully insert the PCI-based media converter into the chosen slot and press firmly with proper push to ensure it is fully seated in the slot.

6. Secure the PCI-based media converter with the screw you just saved.

7. Replace the PC cover.

> How to Choose 100BaseTX to 100BaseFX Media Converter

The 100BaseTX to 100BaseFX fiber optic media converters reduce cabling cost by providing flexible, non-switched fiber optic solutions for Ethernet LANs and WAN connectivity.

They are also well-suited for packet sniffer applications, since these devices do no CRC filtering.

Products are available for direct connection to 100BaseTX RJ-45 and 100BaseFX fiber optic Fast Ethernet in a choice of connector and fiber optic cable types.

They can also be installed without modification in Signamax’s rack mount chassis system which features redundant power supplies for high reliability in multiple media converter installations.

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