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The seventh race in the challenge for the 32nd America’s Cup has been postponed due to unfair and unstable race conditions. This race could have been the last and final race as Alinghi are currently on match point on four wins, while Team New Zealand are only on two wins in the best of nine competition.

At 12.30 a.m. (NZST) there was already speculation gathering that there could be a delay due to the wind being all over the place. The principal race officer also confirmed that there was a very real possibility that there would be a delay.

The delayed flag was flown at 12.55 a.m., five minutes before the yachting race was due to begin. This was due to unstable weather conditions, which could lead to an unfair race.

At 1.20 a.m., 20 minutes after the race was scheduled to start, there had still been no word from the race committee on a possible racing time. The wind speeds were around five knots near the starting line, but the wind direction still wasn’t stable and fair.

The wind speed was starting to get higher into more acceptable conditions with the wind at the start line around seven knots. But the wind direction was still unstable.

At 2.10 a.m., the principal race officer announced that there would be “no more racing today”. Tomorrow is a guaranteed rest day, so the next possible day for racing will be early Wednesday morning (NZST).

During this America’s Cup challenge and other previous ones, discussion has been raised that a new boat design is needed, as to make the race more interesting with faster boats and more takeovers throughout the race.

It was also Grant Dalton’s, managing director of Team New Zealand, 50th birthday.

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