Get Paid To Speak In Public

Get paid to speak in public


Alan McMahon

My friend Keith told a story about how he was first paid to speak in public.

He said that he joined Toastmasters and he hadn’t been in it very long when he was asked to speak, and be paid for it as well.

Keith loves rugby and was at his rugby club when one of the managers of the club said to him:

“Ah Keith, you speak in public don’t you”.

Keith said ” err yes I do speak in public”, so the manager said “we would like you to do a talk at the club, we will pay you for it. How long will it be then, about 45 minutes, you’re used to that sort of thing aren’t you?”


Keith said “err yeah, I am”, even though he had only just spoken at the most for seven minutes in a Toastmasters ice breaker speech, the first speech that you do at Toastmasters, and had never been paid to speak in public before.

So that’s how he got started, and that’s how he got into being paid for public speaking because a man came up to him and asked him to speak and he said “yes”.

He ended up speaking for 45 minutes and he had a bit of a question and answer session afterwards.

Since that time he has been paid to speak in public on many occasions and he estimates that his total earnings to date are between 100,000.00 and 150,000.00. What’s that? Say $150,000 to $200,000?

Speak in public and you get paid money!

Keith knew that he knew he wasn’t perfect, but as Jack Canfield would say, he just leaned into it, just lean into it and get going, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it.

Or as Anthony Robbins would say ‘Take massive action’ it’s the same thing, just do it.

Do you want to know a way of ‘just doing it’, to just get out there and speak in public, and be paid at the same time, but you feel nervous and unsure that you will remember what to say?

To improve your speaking is easy!

All you have to do is use a Memory Map, just do Memory Mapping.

It works through linking what you want to say to location. You therefore know what you what to say without having to know your talk word for word and it’s a massive boost to your confidence.

‘Just do it’ and get paid to speak in public whether this is in your job or as a professional public speaker.

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