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Growing the perfect tomatoes should start with the question of what you want from your tomato. Some are best for just eating with salads and other varieties will be better for making sauces and preserves. Some types of tomato will give you better results than others and typically the price of the seeds will determine the quality in a lot of cases. When you attack your first batch try and grow 2 or 3 varieties so you will know what you prefer in your next batch.

The first thing you need to do it get your growing area prepared for the seeds. This could be a garden plot, growbag or a simple pot. The soil should be loose and you can add perlite if you find your soil has a tendency to get hard. Manure is a perfect additive for your soil if you have it readily available, but remember not to use fresh for tomatoes. The fresh manure can burn the plants and you will lose all your hard work. Good manure and soil will give you good growing conditions. Plant the tomatoes a foot to a foot and a half feet apart to allow adequate growing room for the roots.

After planting the tomatoes, mulching should come next. Straw works well as a mulch but some people prefer wood chips. The next step when you have planted the tomato plants is to prevent attacks by worms and other creepy crawlies. One good technique that seems to keep worms at bay is a long nail in the soil. That will prevent the worms from being able to cut through your plants. When they are starting to grow you will need to support them which is best done with a wooden stick. Just tie it to the stalk. This will prevent them from falling over with the weight of the heavy tomatoes.


Pest control will be one of your main concerns as you wait for the tomatoes to ripen. If you decide to remain organic a homemade concoction can be mixed for good control of those pests. Place two parts gin with two parts water in a spray bottle, then add two tablespoons of household dish soap. Give it a good stir and pray it all over your young plants. The gin will kill the pests and the soap will aid the gin to stick to the surface of your plants. This organic approach works extremely well and you’ve got everything you need in the house already.

You will need to keep your plants well watered and if it’s not rained you should do this every day. If it has rained at least every other day. Do not water in the heat of the day because you can burn your plants. The best time to water is early morning to allow the plants to gain the most benefit.

Birds are another problem so you will probably want to consider netting or a polytunnel if you are in an area plagued by them.

Now as you wait for that delicious tomato to ripen, watch for worms and other pests and treat with either your homemade concoction or an industrial chemical. The only thing left to worry about is the sun damage that occurs at times, but sit back and wait for those delicious tomatoes to grace your dinner table.

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