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Is Puerto Rico Usa?

Puerto Rico is a unique territorial entity in the complex geopolitical map of the world. To answer the question ‘Is Puerto Rico USA?’, we need to understand its unique history, political status, and its connection with the United States. The simple answer is yes, but with a number of distinguished exceptions which make Puerto Rico neither wholly American nor completely an independent entity.

Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, during his second voyage to the New World. It was under Spanish control until 1898, when the U.S. took over the control as a result of the Treaty of Paris, ending the Spanish-American war. Puerto Rican residents have been U.S. citizens since 1917, but they do not vote in presidential elections unless they are residents of the continental United States.

Puerto Rico, in political terminology, is an unincorporated territory of the United States. This means it is controlled by the U.S. Federal Government but is not a part of the Union formed by the 50 states. It has its own government, constitution, and representation, but ultimate oversight and sovereignty rest with the U.S. Federal Government. This political status has been a subject of debate and referendum within Puerto Rico, with some residents advocating statehood, some demanding complete independence, and others preferring the current status quo.

There are arguments and counterarguments in favor of both statehood and independence. Those advocating statehood see it as a natural progression towards equality with the other U.S. states, arguing that it would grant Puerto Ricans full voting rights and make the island eligible for federal funding that other states enjoy. On the other hand, the proponents of independence argue that Puerto Rico should control its destiny and foster its culture and identity without American oversight.

In economic terms, Puerto Rico straddles the line between being an integrated part of the U.S. economy and having its own distinct economic characteristics. The U.S. dollar serves as the local currency, and the Federal Reserve regulates its banks. Many multi-national companies have significant operations in Puerto Rico, including in technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing industries.

A unique role comes into play here as foreign financial analysts put their focus on Puerto Rico. One of the significant examples is financial analyst PR Australia. They research economic conditions, considering macro and microeconomic factors, developments in foreign markets, political events, and monitor Puerto Rico’s financial health. They identify potential investment opportunities and risks, and advise their clients accordingly. Their analysis and advice have an impact on investments and business decisions in Puerto Rico, directly or indirectly influencing the island’s economy.

Puerto Rico’s relation with the U.S. is far from clear-cut, featuring a mix of independence and dependence. From the perspective of international law and political science, it is indeed a part of the USA, albeit not a state of the Union. From the cultural and social perspective, it has a unique identity which is distinctively Puerto Rican, infused with some American elements.

In conclusion, answering the question ‘Is Puerto Rico USA?’ requires an understanding of history, politics, economy, and culture. While it is easy to label Puerto Rico as a part of the USA due to its status as an unincorporated territory, its unique status and relationship hint towards a far more complex reality. With ongoing debates about the future status of Puerto Rico, its relationship with the United States remains an important issue with no definitive answer in sight.

Printing Posters As Marketing Tool

Submitted by: Johnray Daniels

When what you want is a high impact form of marketing, then posters is what you need. When designed effectively from a reliable printing service, your posters can double as the wallpaper of your store for a more personalized interior atmosphere. But, though may seem easy to produce, poster printing can go wrong and cost you a lot of money. Here are some tips to get the best investment out of your poster.

When to use posters? Your first though would probably be concerts and movies. Well that is true as we often see posters of these events plastered all subway stations. Basically, this material is used for these occasions because of the impact it offers. But even the business industry can use posters. Some of the occasions this material can be use in business are when offering buy 1 get 1 offers, offering special promos, introducing products, an upcoming business event such as trade shows, conferences, etc., cross promotion such as a hotel promoting accommodation in a restaurant.

Design rules. You can get people to look at your poster and read your message with these ideas:

oUse images of people


oUse attractive colors.

oYou can use stylish fonts, but be sure that your message is still readable

oTell the benefit your product or service to your customers whether it is to save money or enjoy get a new experience

oUse a unique element to draw attention

oDon t stuff too much information or graphics. If your poster looks too confusing and unorganized, no one would be encouraged to read furthe

Keep your poster short and easy to read. It s easy to get tempted to put a lot of information in your poster. But if your overcrowd information in your material, you are only making it unreadable. Be sure to create a copy that is simple and direct. Choose your words carefully. When organizing details, make a hierarchy with the most important information on top and descending according to relevance. Keep in mind that the eye reads from top to bottom, left to right, so you need to meet that impulse. When it comes to the font, you can use stylish and elaborate fonts as long as it is legible from a distance of 8 to 10 feet.

The materials to use. If your poster printing will be posted outside from a long period of time, be sure to use heavy and durable material. Ask the printing company about heavy duty materials that they offer. Naturally, this would cost you more, but the investment will be all worth it in the end. There are printing companies that will give your display options such as stands or hangers, and there are others who will create your design on an adhesive that post straight on the window. Ask your printer about these. These options will likewise cost you more.

It is important that you keep your poster fresh and current by creating new ones once in a while, or reusing your old posters. You can consider creating new ones as the season changes or during the important holidays of the year. Just keep your material fresh and you are will be sure that people will pay attention to what you have to say.

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Considerations About Adoption Birth Certificate Information

By Shakora Malik

Being adopted affects people in many, many different ways. Many adopted children and adults believe that the people who have raised them are their true parents, although they have other birth parents. Despite the security and bonds with their adopted family, questions might still arise about the birth parents.

Updated Family Medical Questions:

Knowing the medical history of the birth mother and father, and that of the birth grandparents, can help the adopted person prepare or take precautions for any diseases or disorders that might be hereditary. In many cases, questions about medical history are what lead adoptees to begin searching for their birth parents.

Tip: Some states and counties will allow the adopted child to research any data the birth parents might have provided about family medical history. If no updated information exists, sometimes the adopted child can request the state attempt to contact the birth parents to receive updated family medical history.

Gathering Information:


Searching for birth parents might seem daunting to an adoptee without much information about the adoption, so it helps to start small. Gathering any data readily available, however little it may seem, is one way to start. In some cases, that might be nothing more than the date of birth. If so, it’s likely time to talk to the adoptive parents. This can be an emotional topic to bring up; however, they may be able to fill in some, or many, of the blanks that remain. They may even have a copy of the initial birth certificate, as well as the amended version.

Initial versus Amended Birth Certificate:

The initial birth certificate is issued with the information provided by the hospital at the time of a birth, and can provide clues as to the identity of the birth parents. The amended birth certificate is a legal version that’s been updated to name the adoptive parents as the official parents. If the adoptive parents do not have a copy of the initial birth certificate, don’t become discouraged.

Considerations for Adoptive Birth Certificates:

Most birth certificates will include the date of birth, sex of the child, name, location, and parent names. Sometimes, a birth certificate might include parents’ addresses, parents’ race, and the occupation of the parents. When the adoptive parents don’t have a copy of the initial birth certificate, there are several options available. Contacting the Vital Records Office in the state the birth took place in is one way to go. Keep in mind, accessing the initial birth certificate with the birth parents’ names might not be possible, though you will be able to obtain the amended version.

Requesting Contact with a Birth Parent:

This option varies by state. Some states will allow the adopted child or the birth parent request to be reunited. The state would coordinate such an attempt and information would only be disclosed if both parties agree. Check your state and the vital record agency that holds your birth certificate for more information.

Researching the Birth Family via Public Records:

If you suspect that a member of your birth family has passed away, you may want to try locating their death certificate for your files. The death certificate could include valuable information that would help you further your search, such as place of birth, marital status and number of children, as well as the cause of death. Public access to death certificates vary from state to state because of entitlement requirements. Some states allow anyone to order a death certificate, while others will only release the vital record to a family member. More information on who can order a certified death certificate online is available when you start the death certificate ordering process at the state level.

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Illinois birth certificates


Minnesota birth certificates



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Find That Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress !

By Kenneth MacKenzie

It can sometimes be a very frustrating experience for a full figured woman to find that perfect plus size wedding dress.

However, before even looking for a wedding dress, it’s essential that you know where both your wedding and reception is to take place.

For example, if you are thinking of exchanging vows on a beach you will probably want an informal wedding dress. Then again, if the wedding is to take place in a church or temple, a formal wedding dress will more than likely be required.

So, once you’ve decided on your wedding and reception venues, there are two more questions that most brides-to-be tend to ask:


‘What style of wedding dress do I want and where do I get it?’

When looking for a wedding dress these two questions are the most common facing full figured brides. Always remember that you should shop for a plus size wedding dress that fits your personality and flatters your curves, as well as being suitable for your wedding and reception venues.

However, don’t despair! These days there’s a fantastic selection of affordable wedding dresses available that have shape, color, style and flair.

You could first start with some of the larger retail chains, as they are more likely to have dresses you can try on. You can also look at department stores and designers who specialize in plus size wedding dresses

If you’re considering obtaining your wedding dress through a bridal store then you should ensure that the store has been in business a considerable time and that its reputation is sound. It’s a plus if the storeowner has been around for a long time. Ask around and visit several stores before making any decision.

However, these days there’s also a terrific range of wedding dresses you can purchase online. Many wedding dress manufacturers have turned to the Internet thereby allowing the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids to search for that ‘just right’ wedding day ‘look’ and ‘feel’.

One of the most important pieces of attire, besides your own wedding dress, is the bridesmaids’ dresses. They are direct reflection on yourself and if the bridesmaids look inappropriate everyone will wonder why you chose such unappealing dresses.

Even mother of the bride are important and mother of the bride suits and dresses are now available online. In fact, it can be quite stressful when you try to co-ordinate the mother of the bride dress with the other outfits being worn on the day so it’s suggested you check out all the various styles and colors now available on the web.

When online, you can click on a dress you like and enlarge it for a better view. Some websites also have the capability of enabling you to see a front, side and back views. There’s also advice on how to measure yourself and, ordering a plus size wedding dress is very easy.

Of course, not every bride can afford an expensive wedding dress due to a low budget or other financial constraints. This doesn’t mean that they can’t still look fabulous as there is an increasing number of high quality, but relatively cheap wedding dresses available online.

You deserve to look wonderful on your wedding day and turning to the Internet could be one of your smartest moves.

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