Printing Posters As Marketing Tool

Submitted by: Johnray Daniels

When what you want is a high impact form of marketing, then posters is what you need. When designed effectively from a reliable printing service, your posters can double as the wallpaper of your store for a more personalized interior atmosphere. But, though may seem easy to produce, poster printing can go wrong and cost you a lot of money. Here are some tips to get the best investment out of your poster.

When to use posters? Your first though would probably be concerts and movies. Well that is true as we often see posters of these events plastered all subway stations. Basically, this material is used for these occasions because of the impact it offers. But even the business industry can use posters. Some of the occasions this material can be use in business are when offering buy 1 get 1 offers, offering special promos, introducing products, an upcoming business event such as trade shows, conferences, etc., cross promotion such as a hotel promoting accommodation in a restaurant.

Design rules. You can get people to look at your poster and read your message with these ideas:

oUse images of people


oUse attractive colors.

oYou can use stylish fonts, but be sure that your message is still readable

oTell the benefit your product or service to your customers whether it is to save money or enjoy get a new experience

oUse a unique element to draw attention

oDon t stuff too much information or graphics. If your poster looks too confusing and unorganized, no one would be encouraged to read furthe

Keep your poster short and easy to read. It s easy to get tempted to put a lot of information in your poster. But if your overcrowd information in your material, you are only making it unreadable. Be sure to create a copy that is simple and direct. Choose your words carefully. When organizing details, make a hierarchy with the most important information on top and descending according to relevance. Keep in mind that the eye reads from top to bottom, left to right, so you need to meet that impulse. When it comes to the font, you can use stylish and elaborate fonts as long as it is legible from a distance of 8 to 10 feet.

The materials to use. If your poster printing will be posted outside from a long period of time, be sure to use heavy and durable material. Ask the printing company about heavy duty materials that they offer. Naturally, this would cost you more, but the investment will be all worth it in the end. There are printing companies that will give your display options such as stands or hangers, and there are others who will create your design on an adhesive that post straight on the window. Ask your printer about these. These options will likewise cost you more.

It is important that you keep your poster fresh and current by creating new ones once in a while, or reusing your old posters. You can consider creating new ones as the season changes or during the important holidays of the year. Just keep your material fresh and you are will be sure that people will pay attention to what you have to say.

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