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Crafts are the product that is made of art technique. Crafts are made for different purpose such as home decoration, greeting card design, sticker design, etc. Sticker designed crafts can also be printed on the clothes. In the olden days, this craft work helps some families to survive in the society but after some decades craft are something which is made in leisure time. There are some of Craft accessories that help to improve crafting; they are Brush pens, Photoglue, Foam pads, Domes, Foam strips, Ultra clear tape, craft knife, smoother, sealer, etc. These craft materials helps the enhance crafting for home decoration of greeting card design. Decoupage is also an art technique which is used to decorating an object or materials by means of colored papers, craft paints, etc. Decoupage crafting also helps to turn unwanted object into an attractive one. By using decoupage crafting many people decorate their office space or home with various craft themes. By means of crafting, we can design stunning greeting cards with different textures and toppers. Craft can be done handy, which doesn’t need lots of time to spend, even with a small object, crafting can be done but there should be all sort of craft materials. By means crafting we can design Die cut greeting cards, Non-die cut greeting card, stickers, card backing sheets, greeting toppers, etc. There are lots of online stores to find various craft and its products. And I suggest Dufex Crafts (, is the right place to find all kinds of craft designed products and its accessories. Dufex crafts are the leading manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of crafts and craft materials. Dufex crafts offer craft designs with various backgrounds such as floral crafts, miscellaneous crafts, animal theme cards, occasion cards, etc. Dufex crafts also offers greeting card for various occasions such as Wedding, Romance, Easter, Condolence, New baby, etc. Get greeting cards from dufex crafts of various designs and send it to your lovable one!!!

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