Members Mark And Kirkland Gas Bbq Grills, Barbeque Repairs And Replacement Parts

By Jason Broderick

Member’s Mark barbecue grills are one of the leading brands on the market. The brand was initially manufactured by the famous barbecue and other kitchen appliances manufacturer DCS Appliances, but the license for Member’s Mark grills was acquired by company called Grand Hall and they are producing them at present. Grand Hall has been a leading company in the innovation and production of gas and other kitchen appliances for over thirty years. Their vertically integrated grills are produced and recognized not only in North America, but also internationally. The Member’s Mark barbecue grills are appliances with proven quality and are considered by the buyers as one of the most preferred brands. This is because they come with lots of advantages compared to other models. In first place, this is because of their “pro” look and qualities. Let us have a closer look at one of the latest models for example – Member’s Mark 32″ Stainless Propane Grill. It is easy to assemble (it comes 95% pre-assembled anyway); it has four burners, a side burner, an infrared sear burner and rotisserie burner. It even has an ultraviolet resistant cover and a halogen light, which makes it good to use at night time as well. The fuel used for Member’s Mark 32″ is liquid propane (LP) gas. The main cooking area is 640 square inches plus secondary area of 208 square inches. Last but not least – it is a great value for money.

All customers agree that Member’s Mark barbecue grills are a great asset for their home and their development through the years has lead to significant rise of their standards to a professional level. One can find just a few small issues of recall/replacement reports during the years and all of the buyers have admitted they were quite happy with the way the manufacturers – Grand Hall – have handled those issues. In a quest of searching for spare parts for Member’s Mark barbecue grills, you will find out that there are hundreds of retailers out there offering parts for all kinds and models of grills. That may lead to confusion if you are asking if these are genuine parts and how to make sure they really are. All you need to know about Member’s Mark barbecue grills is that their physical manufacturer is Grand Hall. Even though on some of the appliances you may find a label that states Sam’s Club for example – make sure they are like many others – just a retailer and have nothing to do with the production of the appliances, and therefore for the spare parts as well.


With all of the advantages this brand of BBQ grills has, there are some things every potential buyer or owner should know. Some models have their gas burners made of cast iron, meaning that they tend to rust. To avoid rust, you have to frequently coat them with olive oil. That might be quite tricky, because it’s tedious task and can be easily forgotten. The best option in this case is to replace the burners with stainless still ones and this is proven not to be that difficult of a task even for people without any technical skills. No matter if this is the case or you need to replace a broken or faulty part – you need to find a proper retailer to make sure you will get an original part at the best price.

In searching for consumer’s opinion and ratings given to the most recent and most popular models of Member’s Mark barbecue grills we found that all of them are getting 4.5 stars out of 5. That gives us some idea about the popularity of, and the satisfaction from these appliances and sends a message to the developers and the manufacturers about the job well done. The conclusion and the verdict is: Member’s Mark barbecue grills are great value for money, they meet consumers requirements in most aspects. Relatively cheap in comparison, they are also reliable and good consideration for a middle range priced grills. Given all the factors like sales price, full features, and heat output it will be quite difficult for the potential buyers to pass it up.

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