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What Is Property Management?

What Is Property Management?


Abella IvanProperty Management

is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at maintaining and improving the state of the property. The problem is that the owner tries to maintain property in a proper and competitive position as long as possible in order to increase its lifetime. The purpose of property management is to obtain income. This is achieved by increasing the attractiveness of the property to the tenants while reducing costs for its maintenance.

Property owner can independently deal with the subject in the presence of, for example, enough time and appropriate education. At present, almost all building universities prepare specialists for property expertise and property management. But the process that attract experts and then we are talking about a professional real estate management.

The main advantage of professional management is a continuous and integrated approach. Providing a full range of property management services, the management company as a single contractor is important and convenient for the owner of the object.

There are few distinct ways in which the work is carried out of


Property Management


1.Economic support – on-line analysis and optimization of revenues and expenses. Reducing the cost of maintenance of the property is one of the primary tasks of professional managers. This allows for a property owner to use the object truly effective and beneficial.

2.Legal support – competent legal defense proprietor of the site registration of property titles to objects, including accounting documents related to real estate.

3.Engineering and maintenance – ensuring high technical conditions to both the real estate and all communications.

4.Maintenance – a collection of works to help prevent property devaluation and maintenance facilities that are operational functions of elements.

Real estate management is a practical business that provides solution by the use of automated systems. To successfully accomplish the task in front of the management company, they have to solve many problems, and at the same time take into account the huge amount of budget. Some companies have provided an automated control system for real estate.

The owner of property has the right to choose who will administer their property, or who will cooperate with the management companies. The only criterion of choice in this matter is the economic relevance of the decision being taken. Operation of real estate is a difficult task. These matters are the responsibility of the chief engineer of the building, if any. But since this is a very complicated process, it requires constant monitoring and control of the property, as property owners trust

Property Management

companies in this matter.

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