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There is nothing quite like the style and elegance that you will get when you visit a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels have been the place to visit for a very long time. People would, and still do, save all of their money just to bring a loved one to a luxury hotel for a few hours. There is no denying that luxury hotels are popular and a great place to spend a vacation, but there is a new breed of luxury hotels – those that include a theme.

Themed Hotels

A them luxury hotel operates on a very simple premise. The owner of the hotel makes sure that guests who visit are able to enjoy all of the things that they enjoy when visiting a luxury hotel, such as a spa and 24 hour room service, all done with a theme in mind. These themed luxury hotels are becoming more and more popular, as people are looking to immerse themselves in fantasy more now than ever. Some themed luxury hotels are rustic, while others are slightly silly. Here is a list of some of the more well-known themed luxury hotels available to stay at.


The Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel is a well-known, very interesting hotel that is located in Sweden. Much like it sounds, this hotel is built entirely out of ice. The hotel opens for stay in early December and is open until April, when the snow and ice start to melt. A stay in one of these rooms will cost you only a few hundred dollars, thanks to the exchange rate, and can be a very chilly, and enjoyable, experience.

Jules Undersea Lodge

If the cold is not your thing, why not go into the warm waters of Key Largo, Florida? And by going into the waters, this hotel means actually going into the waters. In order to get into this luxury hotel, you actually have to jump into the waters and scuba dive 21 feet down. This hotel may not be extremely luxurious, like some of the other luxury hotels, but it offers something that no other luxury hotel can, and that is the opportunity to sleep underneath the ocean.

Baron Island

Those wishing for a very luxurious experience can head to Baron Island in Spain. Baron Island is off of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is open year round, except for the month of August, and is unique in that you can rent the entire island for your vacation. This luxurious vacation works well for up to ten adults and even comes with domestic help!

Luxury hotels are a great place to stay. You get thoroughly pampered and are able to truly act and feel as though you are someone who is extremely important. You can rest in the lap of luxury and are able to relax in a way that you have never been able to relax before. And while all luxury hotels are great, themed hotels offer a whole new dimension to the idea of spending time somewhere unique.

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