China Toys Market By Segments, Companies, Forecast By 2026

China is one of the biggest toy markets in the world. Its possible growth has generated a considerable opportunity for domestic & international toy manufacturers. A substantial rise in the popularity of interactive and multi-functional toys has been observed among children, positively impacting the toys market. Due to the increase in consumer spending, there is an increasing demand for toys. Besides expanding metropolitan residents’ income levels and rising living standards, a shift is being witnessed from conventional toys to innovative electronic toys. According to Renub Research, the China Toys Market was US$ 48.305 Billion in 2020.

There are wide varieties of toys available in China’s market. Dolls and Stuffed Toys showed extraordinary growth in value terms in 2019, primarily driven by the huge success and rapid rise of blind collectables. There has been an increase in demand for construction Sets & Models with schools closed during the lockdown. That was seen as an excellent way to entertain children for a more extended period.

The video game industry has developed a regular revenue model over the past few years due to the continuous emergence of video games. As technology advances, consumer spending on video content, virtual reality products, and video game tournaments have witnessed significant growth. As per this research study, the Toy market in China is expected to be US$ 61.275 Billion industry by 2026.

The main sales channels for toys include Online, Chain Stores, supermarkets & hypermarkets. Currently, speciality stores have been expanding and have a significant toy buying channel for parents & speciality toy chain stores represent the largest distribution channel as these stores have well-established networks and offer a wide range of products. In this COVID-19 lockdown, the online industry has shown good growth. Our research says that China Toy Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.04% from 2020 to 2026.

Factors to Drive China Toy Industry

China abandoned its one-child-policy to allow families to have an additional child. During China’s 13th Five-year Plan period, a two-child policy was announced in October 2015. This policy targets 90 million women of reproductive age who already had at least one child. Due to this policy’s effect in the 18 months, there were 5.4 million additional births. Besides, China always had a healthy growth rate of its disposable income. For the first time in 2019, China’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) has exceeded USD 10,000. So the future of the toy industry is bright in China.

China Toy Companies

Key companies are focusing on introducing new products in the market to serve the consumers’ interests. New product engagement is the most preferred strategy in the Chinese market. The key players were embarking on mergers and acquisitions as essential plans to achieve consolidation and optimize their offerings. Some of the keen players included in the market studied are Mattel Inc. & Hasbro Inc, Lego Inc, Vtech.

Renub Research latest report titled China Toys Market by Segments (Dolls & Stuffed Toys, Construction Sets & Models, Cards Games, Puzzles, Toys for Toddlers & Kids, Plastic & Others Toys, Video Games-Consoles), Sales Channel (Department Stores, Super / Hyper Market, Online, Baby Products / Toys Shop, Chain Stores), Company (Mattel Inc., Lego, Hasbro, Inc, Vtech) report provides in-depth analysis of China Toy Industry.

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Segments – Market breakup from 7 viewpoints

1. Dolls & Stuffed Toys2. Construction Sets & Models3. Cards Games 4. Puzzles5. Toys for Toddlers & Kids6. Plastic & Others Toys7. Video Games Consoles

Sales Channel – Market breakup from 5 viewpoints

1. Department Stores2. Super / Hyper Market3. Online4. Baby Products/Toys Shop5. Chain Stores

All company have been covered from 3 viewpoints

• Overviews• Recent Developments• Revenues

Company Analysis

1. Mattel Inc.2. Lego3. Hasbro, Inc4. Vtech

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