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Trend analysis – equity guide – Derivative trading



Trend analysis & short term equity guide


Short term investors are looking to invest in share market for expected higher ROI in limited period of time frame, compared to other form of investment, keeping in mind down side valuation risk and negative earnings. Short term trading v/s Investing Day trading may earn you higher return, but it also has more risk associated with it. Short term trading with low margin money and heavy exposure may wipe of your bank balance in quick time. Sensible Derivative trading techniques may be useful to boost up your earnings with limited risk. Live market website providing information on stock market based on technical analysis, with bazaar trend and chart buster stock tips may help in picking right stock for short term trading. Technical charts may give you vital indication on shares which are looking weak on charts. Expert opinion and guide can be handy in cherry picking and bargain buying at reasonable price level where valuations for company stocks are looking attractive on technical & fundamental grounds Short term investing for sufficient time span is always a good habit and help you control your losses as such investors are not looking for a quick gain but concentrating more on value buying shares which are fundamentally as well as technically looking attractive for long term investment. Such investors are looking to generate good portfolio with equity of good companies falling under large cap, mid cap and small cap segments, from different sectors like metal, cement, infrastructure, IT, banking, FMCG, PSU, oil etc which will give them good ROI in long run. Here more focus is given on company’s financial results, dividend payment and bonus issue records of past years

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Trend analysis – equity guide – Derivative trading

Desired Features In Hedge Fund Management Software

By Adriana Noton

Hedge fund management software automates and integrates functions in the front, middle and back office, with the general ledger at the core of its functionality. An ideal system will be able to capture trades and integrate portfolio management with investor accounting to provide an end to end solution with real-time updates. But the real value is in the platform’s ability to work with different currencies and global financial instruments and derivatives.

Let’s take a look at the features an investment manager would want in this system. In the front office, it will provide real-time monitoring and order management. Scenario analysis tools and FIX connectivity to interface with brokers are definitely on the desired features list, and so are hedging overlays and modeling.

To provide some serious ROI, the system needs to be able to handle a wide range of instruments and all major currencies. This includes equity derivatives, futures and options, bank debt and swaps, and fixed income instruments like asset backed securities. If it can handle all these and more, the system will quickly out-perform comparable funds doing the same things with multiple packages and manual work.


Starting with trade capture, the system needs to use a single data point of entry to populate and update all the other tools, automation functions and reports. The system takes care of order management and routing. It has to provide reconciliation and should completely automate corporate action processing like stock splits, coupon payments and dividends.

Full workflow automation all the way from trade execution interfaces to investor accounting allows the firm to take on more clients, higher trading volumes and additional products. A scalable system ensures that there are no additional overheads or staffing needs for this growth. Audit trails with pre and post-trade compliance are standard features expected in all hedge fund management software, regardless of who the provider is.

Most systems these days are able to plug in to market data and have a dashboard for reports. Once the trades have been processed by the front and middle office, the information has to flow into the general ledger. Since all transactions impact general ledgers, they can be used as data warehouses to generate reports.

More reports and filtering options will allow the investment manager to minimize risks with drilled-down exposure reporting and performance attribution categorized by strategy, funds, sector and trader. Realized, unrealized and net P&L should be visible for the day in question, month to date and year to date, not to mention open to date. The Profit & Loss data is automatically updated as the markets fluctuate and positions change.

Hedge fund management software won’t replace the investment manager, but it will soon become irreplaceable as fund managers learn to rely on it. A high growth strategy can be initiated with a range of new products and clients, all without incurring any new administrative expenditure. Note that a hosted SaaS package for investment managers is even more desirable, since it will eliminate the need to buy, install and maintain any IT hardware and software for this purpose.

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, provide practical risk intelligence through software that presents complex information in a fast and clear manner.


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Forex Expert Advisor For The Trading Of The Business

Forex Expert Advisor for the Trading Of the Business


Chris C Drucker

Forex trades can simplified through Forex expert advisor trading without getting into the problems by the complexities and difficulties of market operations, as markets are not exactly predictable. While trading, if some important market parameters ignored or even missed accidentally by either na ve trader or the experienced ones then there will be a huge loss of the capital. So in order to enhance the Forex trading skills you will find many ways; so that there will be an increment in the profit margins by ignoring losses. Lack of experience makes it much difficult to make wise decisions with a good consistency.

Plugging a best Forex expert advisor can be advantageous for you to make a huge difference in the trading of Forex market. This will be great for anyone who is either interested or not interested in the manual trading. There are two best Forex advisors, one is The Ivybot and the other one is FAP turbo. The Ivybot is a great Forex advisor and has many advantages that other advisors do not. One of its benefit is this that it will receive regular updates from a group of professionals and supervise the Forex market that how it is reacting, after observing they will send the automatic updates to all the Ivybot programs by changing the settings of the Ivybot as it is needed to be changed.


FAP turbo is the second best Forex expert advisor. This software program is so much popular because it made money and did the same what he asserted. Ivybot is much better than this advisor because Ivybot is making money with the added features with four robots in one along with the regular updates that is why Ivybot is on number one position. Ivybot is the four different software programs in one and due to this advantage; you will not have to use a one-size-fits-all style of program because Ivybot allows you to trade four different most important currency pairs for diversity.

Forex expert advisor trading is getting famous day by day as it uses the involvement of automated computer applications, which allows it to assist the whole trading, program automatically without any user interference, and thereby it makes huge profit by implementing better decisions. These Forex advisors ease the process of trading as they designed and developed by experienced hands and are easy to assess. These advisors help you in making your Forex trading easy and simple.

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