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Learn From A Master Just How To Build The Most Beautiful Dog Kennel With A Run

By Tony Lawson

Wouldn’t you love to know how to build a dog kennel and run?

Think for a moment, if I asked you to acquire a beautiful dog kennel and run, what would you do? Go to the shop and buy one? I would hate to think of the cost! Would you make one? Would you know where to start? Well how would it feel if you had a real expert to show you just how to build a dog kennel and run that would blow the socks off your neighbours and friends?

I can help you build the most beautiful dog kennel and run, showing you how to get the foundations right, to building a professional sturdy frame, to cladding and roofing to a standard better than you can buy.


Just think what your friends will be saying when they see just how handy you are, just think what your dog will feel like in its brand new purpose built kennel, giving it all the room it needs to spread out and feel happy, because at the end of the day that’s what’s really important, and when you have the knowledge to can build to the specification you require, i.e. To fit your dog.

Here’s a little insider information that we are passing on to you, because if you’re reading this I know you are interested in building a dog kennel and run. I have sold so many of my plans and drawings on building beautiful kennels I was running low on stock, so my buyer Paul (he’s full of bright ideas and enthusiasm) went to the source of supplies, and I just got an email from him. He has acquired a brand new set of new designs never been seen before, when he showed me the first one, I can tell you straight, I was blown away with the detail and explanation shown. In all my years in dealing in this business I have honestly never come across this method of building.

Even if you have never lifted a hammer in your life, it really doesn’t matter; I know I could give these to the most impractical person walking this planet, then using the detailed methods and techniques that are new to even me! I will have you building your very own kennel in hours.

I can tell you that this information I have to share with you is not what professional woodworkers want you to know, the retail outlets that sell these kennels at premium prices definitely don’t want you to know, because I also know using these techniques will save you over 75% off the retail price, and not only that, but once you are familiar with these techniques you can adapt them to other projects, not only saving you money but if you wanted could even make you money.

You are shown what materials you need, how to order them, what tools needed to get the job done, (rather than buying equipment you don’t need), you are also shown the most common mistakes made by people just starting out.

So if you want to see just how to go about building your own kennel including the really important things you must do and avoid the most common pitfalls most people make, then just click my link and I’ll be happy to share all of the information you could ever need.

About the Author: Learn from a real master in his profession, let him take you step by step allowing you to produce the most beautiful timber products you have laid your eyes on. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take a look at just what is on offer? Don’t delay in finding out everything you could possibly need to know about building beautiful wooden structures, watch a master at work, giving you guidance and advice as you develop your skills, go to


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