Proficiency Of Fb Os In Aviation Management

The aviation industry is an important driver of today’s economic growth. However, like other fragmented industries experiencing consolidation, the aviation industry faces increasing challenges regarding management requirements. FBOs and other general aviation service providers, such as Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Aircraft Charter & Management (ACM) companies must leverage technology and innovation in order to continue revenue and earnings growth.

After going through an extensive amount of growth and consolidation over the past few years, the aviation industry has found an extensive amount of opportunities to address those challenges through increased scale and the ability to cross sell across varying business segments. In the development of new facilities and rising customer service expectations, Fixed Base Operator companies play a significant role in the aviation industry.

A Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is an airport authorized business entity that provides primary aeronautical services to the general aviation community. As used herein, general aviation is broadly defined as all aviation excluding commercial and military uses. Fixed Base Operators are considered as a part of the core airport infrastructure that is capable of handling the myriad of technical, managerial and facility related responsibilities of aviation industry.

In this regard, their ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality services to the owners, operators and passengers of the general aviation industry in the safest and most efficient manner possible. An effective partnership with airport sponsors along with a profound knowledge and superior technical skills in airport and aviation regulations and operation is an essential requirement of Fixed Base Operators.

FBOs are also be referred as a terminal for private and corporate aircraft since they provide necessary services to owners and operators such as aircraft fueling, ramp access for airplanes, hungering, and terminal services for air crew and passengers.

In addition, along with providing some technical services regarding aircraft management, FBOs may also provide flight planning services to the crews and pilots such as waiting lounges, restrooms, catering kitchens and conference rooms. Fixed Base Operators at most airports also coordinate ground transportation, as well as providing concierge services for passenger needs.

Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) in the United States of America are usually granted their operating rights through their long term lease with their respective airport sponsor, with the FAA providing additional oversight The scope of these operating rights varies depending on airport size, demand and local competitive dynamics. Regardless of the scope and breadth of services at an individual airport, FBOs provide critical on-airport functions and services on which the entire aviation industry depends.

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