What Are The Important Safety Guidelines To Keep In Mind While Undertaking Diy Electrical Projects?

When it comes to home repairs, undertaking DIY electrical projects constitute one of the most important aspects which have to be carried out with the utmost caution. If you are a home owner you must be facing minor electrical defaults in your house periodically which is why it is important to have a sound knowledge of safety guidelines when undertaking DIY electrical repair tasks.While fixing small DIY electrical repair work around the house is very cost efficient home owners need to be very careful when undertaking such projects. Listed below are some important safety guidelines to keep in mind in order to ensure a safe and successful DIY electrical repair work by the home owner:1.Prepare a circuit map If you are thinking of taking up DIY electrical work preparing a circuit map is the most important step to begin with. By switching off each circuit at one time note down all the switches and appliances that are powered by each circuit and tape the list below them. This way you will be able to switch off the power immediately whenever there is an electrical default in your home.2.Turn off the main power outlet Before undertaking any DIY electrical projects or repair works always turn off the main power. Turning off the switch of a particular appliance that you are working on is not sufficient as there can be invariably a leak even when the switch is turned off which can lead in a serious accident.3.Cover live wires and unused receptacles Never keep any live wires in the house exposed. Always cover them or at least use masking tapes. Having exposed live wires in the house can be a grave threat especially for children. Also cover up any unused receptacles with tight protective lids which are easily available in the market.4.Use dry hands Always dry your hands before undertaking any DIY electrical repair work. As water is a very good conductor of electricity, be extremely cautious while working in places near water and especially doing electrical repair work in the washroom and garden area.5.Inspect your premises If you have small children at home make periodic inspections and replace any defective plug points as well as cover up any unused receptacles to avoid any mishaps.Whether you are trying to replace a fused bulb or fix a faulty electrical appliance you must always proceed with great caution. So go ahead and follow the above guidelines to undertake DIY electrical projects safely and successfully.