Slick As Oil : The Truth About Gary Young}

Slick as Oil : The Truth about Gary Young


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The Founder and former CEO of Young Living Essential Oils has a frankly shocking past. Here are the critical facts to know:

Gary Young Claims to have Cured his own Paralysis with Essential Oils

Gary Young has repeatedly claimed that he was left paralyzed for life by a logging injury to the head. According to an account on his website, After three weeks in a coma and four months in intensive care, Gary found himself paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for life, according to the doctors prognoses. It is remarkable considering his extended ICU treatment that no documentation of the critical injury has ever been found or provided. More suspicious still, Gary Youngs story has changed”significantly. Gary Young boasts that he cured himself with fasting and essential oils. But a brochure from 1987 solely attributed his recovery to Oscillation Frequency Stimulation Infusion without even mentioning essential oils. Hmm.

Gary Young is NOT a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Gary Young claims to be a N.D. but his degree is merely a piece of paper purchased from Bernadean University”a notorious diploma mill. Gary Young has also claimed that he graduated from the American Institute of Phystoregenerology, but the Institute has reported that he never came close to graduating (he attended only a few classes, completed only a third of the homework, and owed $1,800 in tuition). Ultimately, Gary Young was forced to admit that he never secured a diploma from the institute and that his brochure simply had a typographical error. His only legitimate diploma is from Challis High School.

Gary Young has never been licensed to practice naturopathy in Utah or any other location. Shockingly, he has been arrested multiple times in California and Washington for practicing medicine without a license.

Gary Young is Responsible for the Death of his own Infant

Although Gary Young lacked any training in medicine, obstetrics, or midwifery, he insisted on delivering his first wifes baby in a hottub. He left the baby under water for an hour! The otherwise normal and healthy infant drowned. Although the coroner said that the baby would have lived if she had been delivered in a conventional manner, Young was never charged in that case.

His plans for a similar whirlpool delivery the previous year had been thwarted when a health department caseworker threatened to prosecute him. In 1983, an undercover police officer asked Young if he would oversee a water birth for her. He declined, but offered prenatal care and cancer treatment for the woman’s mother. Young was then arrested by Washington State police for practicing medicine without a license, for which he was convicted.

Gary Young Operated a Cancer Treatment Clinic in Tijuana

Gary Young claimed that a three-week stay in his Rosarita Beach Clinic and $6,000 would bring a cancer patient into remission. A cancer cure could be effected for $10,000. A scathing undercover report by the L.A. Times exposed the clinic as a complete fraud. It is also worth noting that one of the clinic treatments was laetrile”which can be fatal due to forming cyanide in the body. This practice is strictly illegal.

Gary Young was Arrested for Assaulting Multiple Family Members with an Axe

Gary Young was arrested on January 10, 1994, in Spokane, Washington, for assaulting several family members with an axe. It is remarkable that he claims to be an enlightened and spiritual man.

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