Wall Coverings: The Perfect Match!

April, 2017 byadmin

Wall coverings are generally used to decorate and protect the inside walls of your home. But how exactly can you choose which covering will be right for you? Here we will be going over the things you should consider when deciding what will be the perfect match.


There are multitudes of materials that are used for wall coverings. Wallpaper is very popular, as are wood and fabric-based vinyl. Other, more rare, materials used are cork, grasscloth, and silk. Keep in mind that each of these has its own texture and conditions for preservation. Don’t get silk if you plan on putting it in a damp, cold room or it will get ruined quickly.


This is a very important factor when searching for wall coverings. How long do you want the material to last before you have to change it? If you’re looking for a covering that will last more than a few years, it is suggested that you buy one that is made from non-recycled material. A harder material, such as wood, also has a good lifespan.


Here’s the biggest factor: price. How much are you willing to spend on wall coverings? If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, there are numerous types of coverings such as regular wallpaper (recycled or not) that are definitely cheaper than wood or vinyl. If you’re looking for something more decorative and don’t mind spending a little more on it, then you always have other options such as grasscloth, cork, and wood. It should be noted that the cheaper the product is, the less likely it is to last a decent lifespan.

All in all, wall coverings are wonderful additions to the home. They make the room look unique and make it so much easier to personalize a certain room or area. When trying to decide which style you want, consider the options above. That being said, there’s no way you’ll be leaving unsatisfied with all the choices you have!