Top 5 Tips For Quick Revision And Preparation

As if your exam time is coming and you are reaching towards the end of the year then it is very important to have a strategic study plan as if you want to score high marks in exams. If you are going to give your board exams then it is very important for you to have a strategic study plan because every mark is very important in board exams and to solve this issue we have chosen 5 tips that can help you in studies.

  1. Revision Time Table

If your exams are coming then it is very important for you to understand the importance of revision time table as if you are not aware of how much you know and how much is left to cover then your study revision time table may help you in that. Also if you have a short gap between two exams then you will batter able to do revision for each subject and NCERT solutions.

  1. Create your Targets

If you are preparing for CBSE board exams then it is important for you to create targets like in which time and date you are going to cover all maths book and science book question answers. As if you want to cover all subjects and want to make your revision time able perfect then it is very important to create small targets for revision. Also if you are studying in 10th then you can also read NCERT solutions for class 10 maths to better understand the question-answer format.

  1. Recall what you have Study

This is one of the most important tips to remember if you want to remember your answer for a long time. In case if you have completed a book chapter today so within the break time gives yourself 5min to recall what you have studied today. Keep doing this process and you will become a quick learner and also you will not forget easily what you have studded.

  1. Make Boring Thing Interesting to Remember

If you are a student then it is obvious that you need to write too many answers and have to remember long sentences. This is one of the most boring parts where you don’t like to study. So one of the tricks you can use is to create drawings or diagrams or that problem solutions so it looks more appealing and easy to remember so whenever you recall that answer that image or diagrams comes into your mind not a long written answer which is hard to remember. That way you can relate your memory with an answer and if the answer becomes easy to remember.

  1. Find a Study Partner

One of the easiest ways to know if you know that answer or not is by explaining the topic or chapter to your friend. When you explain your topic or answer to your friend then you may know actually how much you remember the answer and at the same time you and your friends come across some point where he/she will not understand the answer and will give you some point where you answer is unclear or if he/she have any doubts then you both can set and clear your doubts and weak point by sharing your knowledge with each other.