The Proper Warehouse Shelving For Industry Will Likely Make Everything Run More Efficiently

By Adrianna Noton

At some time in your company’s growth, hopefully, the sooner the better, you will need to consider the options available in warehouse shelving for industry. No matter what items you are dealing with, you have to decide if you are taking full advantage of every precious square foot. Poor organization, or not planning to plan, may lead to a tremendous amount of lost time, and thus money, in your day-to-day operations.

There are also the safety risks that are presented. It is never a good idea to have to constantly shuffle clutter around or risk someone falling over a wayward piece of equipment. With the proper warehouse shelving in place, it is probably a good bet you will see increased productivity and a safer workplace for your employees.

There are several types of industrial shelving designed to meet most every situation. If you are handling heavy, bulky items like furniture or irregular shaped parts, heavy-duty cantilever pallet racks may be the perfect solution. These offer total flexibility to take advantage of all of your available floor space because they are assembled in sections. They are extremely high quality and the weight limits they will safely hold should be found imprinted on the metal sections.


You will find cantilever shelving is a fine alternative when storing items like pipes, lumber, and other unusual shapes and sizes. The arms will allow for full frontal and vertical access because of the absence of the full shelves. This system can be set up in either a single or double-sided array so to further maximize your warehouse floor space.

Some other options available will be called a slide-and-lock, or a similar tear drop system. It’s called tear drop because the uprights will have a tear-shape in which the support beams are placed. When used with a safety lock they are a very secure storage system. T-bolts provide for the shelves to be securely bolted on the outside of the supports. They will generally only need to be checked annually for tightening, depending on the uses and weights involved.

Pallet flow racks are great for an industry where there are many pallets moving in and out. For instance, product coming off a line at the same time orders are being pulled for shipping. These allow for pallets to be pulled off the front and the next one in line will roll or slide forward to replace it. The rack can be re-supplied by placing pallets through the back.

Push back racks are another alternative very similar to the flow racks except these can be loaded from the front, as deep as five pallets. Each aisle will include a rail that makes it possible to load from the front and push the others back. This is a system that is growing in popularity.

Warehouse shelving for industry could easily be approached as an investment that will quickly pay for itself. The flexibility will allow you to adjust your shelving as your needs grow. It is undoubtedly more productive when a warehouse is optimally organized. Not to mention it’ll be much safer for everyone working there.

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