The Power Of We Swimming Pool And Real Estate

The Power of We – Swimming Pool and Real Estate


Chris Hall

Bridgehampton – There are many business books available that promise the keys to wealth, power and success. I like to read or skim through them as frequently as possible. The catchiest titles promise a magic formula. Quite often, I think the message of so many of these books could have been summarized in a pamphlet; but I have to admit that I often find something pragmatic in each of them.


My favorite business book is the one that I feel mirrors my own professional philosophy. The title of the book is also catchy; in fact it includes power and succeeding in the title. But it\’s not about power in the traditional sense. \”The Power of We (Succeeding Through Partnerships)\” written by Jonathan Tisch with Karl Weber is truly a practical guide for business and life. I first read the book several years ago, but I refer to it from time to time to reinforce good habits that have come naturally all my life. I don\’t know if you can learn all of the lessons in \’The Power of We.\’ I think it\’s a way of life for some, practiced by others, and is clearly forced by many. Tisch is the Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels, and the spirit of his message shines through and has been on display each time I\’ve visited one of his hotels. The universal message is not limited to the hotel industry.

There are many reasons as to why readers frequent the Real Estate page, but one may be that real estate professionals have come to learn about the importance of working in concert with swimming pool builders. It is in the spirit of partnership that true professionals share their knowledge. The power of we, indeed! One such place of shared knowledge is the prestigious Genesis 3 Design Group. According to their website, \”The Genesis 3 Design Group inspired and founded by pool designers David Tisherman, Skip Phillips, and Brian Van Bower, Genesis 3 is committed to raising the standards in the industry by providing continuing education for quality oriented professionals. Genesis 3 has grown from a single school into a series of themed educational schools featuring international experts in various design and construction fields. Genesis 3 programs include professional training, specialized international tours, recommended reading and other practical applications.\”

The forum section of their website features questions and answers on topics such as Soils and Geotechnical, Shotcrete, Gunite and Concrete, Plaster, Waterproofing and a host of other topics. The in-depth answers to the more challenging areas of pool construction are a clear illustration of the spirit of cooperation that surrounds the best of the industry.

There are only three firms in The Hamptons that are qualified members of Genesis 3. However, anyone can share in the expertise of the Design Group members. If you are a real estate professional that has a client with high end swimming pool needs, it is advised that you do your homework. Veterans and confident swimming pool contractors should be willing to share information with you. An honest spirit of cooperation encourages ongoing education that can lead to the desired result, as opposed to costly mistakes.

Those at the top of their industry do not concern themselves with the competition; they simply encourage and support those who share the same standards of excellence. Despite the perception of excellence created by large advertising budgets, the discerning client always checks references. The varying degrees of competency in the swimming pool construction field would astound you. When hiring a swimming pool professional, it is wise to check their certifications and level of education within the industry. You will be rewarded with a beautiful, functional, energy efficient pool that you will enjoy for many, many years.

Chris Hall began his career in the swimming pool industry over 30 years ago. He is currently a consultant to Casual Water; the premiere swimming pool construction and service company in the Hamptons.

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