The Different Types Of Jewelry Charms

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Are you planning to purchase jewelry charms? Did you know that these ornaments existed for centuries and has been used by ancient people to bring prosperity and to protect them from evil spirits? Does bad luck continue to hunt you for days? Are you fed up feeling unlucky? If so, consider reading this article to know which one suit your needs and requirements best.

It is also known as talismans and amulets and these are used not only as personal decorative ornaments, but also as interior decoration in our homes and offices.

History of talismans:

According to history, these items were needed when someone met spirits from other world. Their uses dated back in ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans. Some of them used these items during sailing to protect them from the ravage of the sea.

Some individuals associate inauspicious and auspicious meanings to the different ornaments and objects which they considered amulets. Some shapes and colors are associated with good fortune and luck, while others considered it as ominous. In China, red is considered a lucky color and majority of them kept red objects in their homes to bring good fortune. They also wear red in special events and major occasions. In Europe, they used horseshoe to symbolize good luck and they hang the charm on the door. In Burma, they considered white cats as lucky and blessing from heaven. Majority of Burmese businesspeople kept white cats in their offices to bring good luck.


At present, silversmiths and goldsmiths make charms out of silver and gold and incorporate them in jewelries, such as bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces.

With the numerous choices of jewelry amulets available in department stores and online retail sites, customers have the option to select which one suits their requirements and needs best.

Several symbols used in jewelries:

1. Italian horn It came from the Middle East and considered as an emblem of fertility and male power. It is popularly worn as silver or gold pendants by males to bring sexual potency.

2. Scarab It is used by Ancient Egyptians to symbolize renewal and immortality. Egyptians wore them to guard them against death. They placed them on the chest of dead people to ensure their resurrection after life.

3. Acorn Ancient Norsemen believed that acorn nut symbolizes youthfulness, power, luck and prosperity to those who hold them. They also believed that acorns protect them lightning.

4. Swastika It has been used by eastern religions, like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism as a powerful symbol to bring good luck. Nazis used them in their flag. Because of the destruction brought by Nazis on the lives of millions, they believed that swastika connotes hatred and death.

5. Wishbone It is considered a wish maker and symbolizes good luck. It is believed that those who get the bigger piece will realize their wishes.

If you are planning to buy a jewelry with lucky charms in it, be sure to choose which one suits you best. At present, you can find silver and gold jewelries with engraved or sculptured talismans.

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