The Convenience Of Electronic Cigarette Refill

byAlma Abell

One dilemma that many e cig users face is whether to buy pre-filled or refillable cartomizers. Purchasing e-cigs is more complicated than buying a basic cigarette. However, e-cig users have the joy of exploring so many options, flavors, and opportunities. For instance, you will have the choice to either purchase pre-filled liquid cartomizers or purchase blank, refillable cartomizers. To learn more about electronic cigarette refill options, continue reading.

Pre-filled Cartridges

If you are a novice to e-cigs, then perhaps you are finding it difficult to select between pre-filled and blank, refillable cartomizers. If you have recently transitioned from smoking to vaping, then this may seem like a trying task. However, learning the difference between pre-filled and quality electronic cigarette refill cartomizers can appease much of your confusion.


As you may have learned, pre-filled cartomizers have their own respective benefits and disadvantages. Pre-filled cartomizers are undoubtedly more convenient. Furthermore, they require far less time to use than refillable cartomizers. If you run out of e-liquid in a refillable cartomizer, you run the risk of burning the cartomizer. This generally requires a replacement of some sort. Therefore, you are less likely to damage your product with pre-filled cartomizers in some cases.

Of course, people who use prefilled cartomizers are beset with one distinct disadvantage: cost. Therefore, these cartomizers may require that you invest more money than many refillable options. If you master the use of a refillable cartridge, you will save far more money down the line. Furthermore, the pre-filled option limits your ability to sample different flavors.

Refillable E-Liquid Cartomizers

If you select a Mt Baker Vapor refillable cartomizer instead of a pre-filled one, you will save a substantial amount of money. Although these cartridges are a bit more time consuming, they are worth the time it takes to refill them when you consider the savings you will accrue over time. In addition to saving money, they allow you to experiment with a variety of different flavors.

If you are allergic to propylene glycol (PG), then refillable cartomizers may be the best option for you. PG is frequently found in e-liquids, which is an ingredient of pre-filled cartridges. Hence, refillable cartomizers minimize the possibility of ingesting this substance.

Many people fear the potential time commitment that some refillable cartridges require. To be perfectly honest, they are not as time consuming as many portray them to be. All that you have to do is take your e-liquid with you, and add a few drops every 2-4 hours or so. As long as you have your e-juice and cartomizer kit with you, time will not be an issue.

Are You a Beginning E-cig User?

If you are new to e-cigs, you may find it useful to experiment with both pre-filled cartridges and with refillable cartridges, as well. To decide which cartomizer is best for you, view Mt Baker Vapor products online.