Solar Reading Lamp Is Also Good For Eyes As Well Electricity Power Saving.

Solar Reading Lamp is also good for eyes as well electricity power saving.


Prakash Singh

Solar lighting has really taken off and more options are hitting the market, but unfortunately, a lot of them are still pretty expensive. Well, Indyalive has come to the rescue with a new line of solar lighting that is pretty, functional and, best of all, indyalive-priced. Most of the lights are meant for outdoor use, but a couple of the options, like the desk lamp featured in the picture above, are suited for indoors. All of the nine lighting options feature rechargeable batteries that can be juiced up from nine to twelve hours of sunlight. The lights are, of course, LEDs.While these lights are not innovative, I’m still very excited by the fact that they’re being sold in a mass-market environment. The more stores that carry affordable, good-looking pieces like these, the more people who will have them in their homes, using solar energy instead of electricity! We can get some great feedback of what types of solar lights to buy by reading all kinds of solar light reviews. That way you can be sure that you will get solar lights that not only last a long time but are also a great value for your money! Read these professional reviews on solar lights today! It will really help you to make your decision! Here you can find out what is new with solar lights and find out how much money you can actually save by switching over to solar lights! Read reviews today and find out all about solar lights and where to get the best deals. Beta Light’s stated mission is poverty alleviation and a better life for those in poor and rural communities, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases by developing, supplying and supporting specialized solar solutions. All components, wiring and brackets for Betta.Life.Light are supplied in a single package and are guaranteed for one year. Installation is easy and well within the capabilities of the handyman of the house. The system comprises five lights – four ceiling lights and a reading lamp – plus a mobile phone charger and adapters for popular phone brands. All units are powered by a solar panel that is has an expected life of 25 years and is connected to a controller unit, which in turn feeds to the lights and a rechargeable 6-volt battery. Beta Lights use batteries which are kinder to the environment, are more vigorous and have a longer life than the straight lead acid batteries.

This is important for people who are already financially challenged. Each light contains 22 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are far more efficient than even the compact fluorescent lamps that most people use now. LEDs use very little power and efficiently convert electrical energy into light. Because they are made of non-toxic materials, are recyclable and have a long life, LED lights are environment-friendly. Betta Lights claims that with all five lights on simultaneously, the system will function for up to 15 hours even if there is no sun. This solar powered reading lamp power leveling utilizes the solar panel to charge the internal rechargeable battery during the day. You do not need to change dry battery. The solar-power lamp loads with 4 bright LED lights; it has a good lighting effect. You can use this wholesale solar panel lamp for reading, camping and emergency. The most feature of this portable solar lamp is its flexible head. It can be used as reading lamp when the head unfolded, as flashlight when be locked. This LED outdoor compact light is easy to fold, run escape money so it is special for travelers. It can deter theft or help assist you to see in the dark and even assist a security camera for identification of a burglar in the darkest locations. This solar reading lamp is a green energy resource product and also is a great essential product for outdoor activities. Electrics energy meter into our home, it became very clear how much more energy we use since we introduced some Security Floodlight. The bills rocketed! rs gold after speaking to my friend Mike about this issue he pointed me in the direction of a local company: Phase Lighting I bought their Titan Energy Saving lamp. It is a 24 watt alternative for existing TH 119mm lamps. It has a 95 percent energy saving against 500w TH lamp and an average life expectancy of 8000 hours, giving a crisp white light.


In this article I’m going to use UK mains-supply electrical characteristics to determine the loads used by examples of mains-powered lighting using Ohm’s Law. For the purposes of calculation using Ohm’s Law, rs power leveling the principles used herein can equally be applied to the USA by substituting the electrical characteristics for those used in the US; such as 120 volts in place of 240 volts, etc.

solar power offers a wide range of of CFL based Solar PV Street Lighting systems with standards and custom built versions. The standards models are manufactured in accordance with MNRE specifications.

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