Plumbers Do More Than Just Drains


For any person living in a coastal area such as Boca Raton, one of the most important things to have available is a handy and reliable plumber. Coastal areas are always susceptible to plumbing issues because drainage is always a problem. Logically there are not many places that the water can go because there is a lack of elevation.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the most common plumbing issues in coastal areas is drainage backup. Now there are a number of ways to remedy the issue. First and foremost is to always maintain the drains within a home or building. For maintenance, the best thing to do is to purchase household drain cleaning products and apply them to the drains on a regular basis.

The typical drain cleaning products that are available in most stores and home improvement centers contain a combination of sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, aluminum, and a few other undisclosed ingredients. When poured into a drain these products act as a cleaner to scrape away any build up and thus clearing the drains for perfect flow.

Calling a Professional

In some cases, the regular maintenance procedures are just not enough. That is when a person just needs to call a Plumber Boca Raton. These licensed professionals have more expertise and plumbing tools at their disposal to determine the exact plumbing problem and fix it right away. The plumber can use a camera to see inside the drain so that they can located exactly where the clog or back up is.

Once the clogged or backed up area of the drain has been located, a plumber in Boca Raton can then use his or her professional plumbing tools to effective remove or clean the drain thoroughly. This might mean a simple scraping of the inside of the drain with a motorized steel brush or it may involve newer technologies like water jetting.

Water jetting is actually a safer and more effective way of cleaning the clogged or backed up drains that the old way of using steel rotating brush. The extra pressure that the water jet can create will loosen the debris more effectively and actually at a faster rate. The result is that it takes less time to clean the drain, which in the end saves the customer money too.

Overall, in Boca Raton it is important to locate a good and reliable Plumber. Once one has been found it is very wise to keep their contact information close by. Plumbing emergencies can arise in an instant and typically require immediate attention. Having a plumber’s contact information ready at all time can save a person from having to cope with an absolute disaster.