The Simpsons episode to premiere on Sky1

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the Name of the Grandfather“, the fourteenth episode of the twentieth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons will today become the first episode of the show to premiere in Europe. It will air at 7:30 PM on Sky1 in the United Kingdom and Ireland and be paired with “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes“. The special broadcast is part of FOX’s year-long “Best. 20 Years. Ever.” celebration which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the show. To promote the broadcast, executive producers Al Jean and James L. Brooks, as well as Nancy Cartwright visited Ireland and are scheduled to participate in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin. The episode was screened at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin on March 16. The American debut of the episode will be March 22, 2009.

In the episode, the Simpson family travels to Ireland so Grampa can visit a pub where he once had the best night of his life. Guest stars scheduled for the episode include Colm Meaney as Tom O’Flanagan, Kathy Ireland as herself, Glen Hansard as a street musician and Markéta Irglová as an Eastern European woman.

We wanted it to be an affectionate love letter to Ireland.

Executive producer Al Jean stated the episode is intended to be “an affectionate love letter to Ireland” because many of the writers have Irish roots. The episode will feature Irish landmarks including Giant’s Causeway, the Blarney Castle and the Guinness Brewery.

Previous episodes of the show where the Simpson family visits other countries have been controversial. For example, the Simpsons visited Australia in “Bart vs. Australia” and Brazil in “Blame it on Lisa“, and both episodes generated controversy and negative reaction in the visited countries.

The Rio de Janeiro tourist board claimed that the city was portrayed as having rampant street crime, kidnappings, slums, and monkey and rat infestations; and threatened FOX with legal action. When asked whether he thought this episode would generate similar controversies, Al Jean replied “I’m Irish American and I know Irish people have an excellent sense of humor so we weren’t very worried.”

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Ibm 95 P4437 Lto 4 Better Storage Tape

Submitted by: Gary Smart

IBM keeps on to attention on supplying high value, high dependability magnetic tape technology for superior productivity. Therefore, it developed a superior and most successful Linear Tape Open media format which able to protect high capacity with remarkable features.

The continually growing concerns about the digital data rapid growth that alarm most prominent businesses and enterprises and all governments and data storage and backup control authorities taking tough measurements to avoid the mess. The LTO Ultrium every generation designed to meet these challenges and continue progressing with high reliability and dependability with high-class storage and backup solutions. The prior generation of Linear Tape Open is already establish their efficiency and enables to tackle rapidly growing challenges of backup and storage.

The IBM 95P4437, is fourth generation of this reliable and high level media cartridge which perfectly match bale today s storage and backup demands of businesses and enterprises. These next generation media cartridge enhanced all the basic features as well adopted some unique and outstanding technologies to enhance this media format for better backup and storage solutions.

YouTube Preview Image

The IBM 95P4437, media cartridges have been planned and tested comprehensively for use in various brands of Ultrium tape drives and automated libraries to help dependable performance, decrease the data loss and better protection. They are planned to endure rigors of standard make use of in stand-alone and automatic settings. Every cartridge has pre install non-contact memory chip or LTO-CM that is design to communicate with LTO Ultrium 4 drive via RF (Radio Frequency) and contain an index about the compatible devices. The memory chip accelerates the access speed to the desired data with helping drives to reach on exact location of archives. This specially designed to make it possible fast and reliable load and unload process with high quality security and reliability of important data.

The LTO 4 95P4437 Tape, is offering superior capacity with best combination of finest technologies and offers users the capability to meet the growing challenges of backup and storage. The high capacity assists the business and enterprise with decrease of equipments, labor, and required space for the storing and recovery operations. The enlarged storage capacity cross the Terabytes bearer with exceptional 1.5TB native and 3.0TB of compressed data with excellent data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec of compressed formation. Both high quality features improved LTO technology importance as well reduce the total costs of operational procedures.

The newly adopted hardware based AES 256-bit data encryption technique enhanced the data protection along with WORM (Write Once Read Many) functional cartridges. The AES improved data protection when data written in encrypted formation and prevent data loss during very intensive and fast data transactions. The WORM cartridges are specially design for the very compliance regulatory data and prevent the information from overwritten, alternation, and unlawful deleting. The IBM LTO4 tape, is perfectly and reliably designed for better protection and preservation of archives files and continuing enhancing with its basic feature. These media cartridges are perfectly reliable for high demand of storage and backup challenges and able to support very busy and high-end data storage facilities.

The IBM 95P4437 LTO4 is a remarkably perfect media cartridge for very high-end data storage environments..

About the Author: Gary Smart 7172 Regional Street Dublin, CA 94568 Tel: +1 (866) 585-5130 Fax: +1 (925) 271-6220 Email:


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Wall dividing island of Cyprus torn down but divisions still stand

Friday, March 9, 2007

On Thursday March 8, 2007 the government of the Southern Greek part of Cyprus used heavy machinery to allow its military to tear down the five-meter high concrete wall on the Green Line that divides the island.

The wall has stood in the Cyprus capital of Nicosia for more than 40 years. It has been a constant reminder of the political situation of the Mediterranean island (given independence from Britain in 1960) that has suffered divisions since communal violence in 1963 that was only prevented by establishing a United Nations Peacekeeping Force there in 1964. These divisions only deepened when Cyprus was invaded by Turkey’s military in mid-July 1974 after right-wing Greek Cypriots (backed by the military junta ruling Greece at the time) attempted a coup with the intent of joining the island to Greece. The result was a split between the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government in the south and the Turkish Cypriot north (only recognized by Turkey). The division at Nicosia has become a curiosity to tourists who look over it to see the buffer zone between the two factions (a no man’s land with abandoned homes and businesses where no civilians are allowed). The destruction of the wall also brought out curious Cypriots.

Much international pressure had been brought to bear on both sides, and thawing of the relationship between the opposing Cypriots began in 2003 when the Turkish side eased restrictions on travel. Still in 2004 before joining the E.U., Greek Cypriots rejected the UN reunification plan that called for a federation of two states. Then in December 2005 when the Turkish Cypriots created a footbridge for Turkey’s soldiers on the other side, the action drew protests from the Greek Cypriots voicing their security concerns. In January 2007 the Turkish Cypriots began dismantling the footbridge as a gesture of good faith.

At first both Cypriot governments expressed hope of reunification when asked about the demolition. Tassos Papadopoulos, the president in the Greek south stated “Tonight we have demolished the checkpoint on our side.” He went on to call for the Turkish Cypriots to act, saying civilians will not be able to cross “if the troops are not withdrawn”. Rasit Pertev, chief adviser to Mehmet Ali Talat, the leader of Turkish Cyprus said: “This is extremely symbolic… The dynamism created by this move will lead to the opening of the crossing.” Still when the government of Turkey dismissed the move as merely a result of international pressure that did not signify anything, and refused to dismiss its troops in the area (it maintains 40,000 soldiers on the island), sheets of aluminum were put up as a barricade on the Greek Cypriot side early on the morning of March 9, 2007.

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British adventurer flies powered paraglider over Everest

Friday, May 18, 2007

British explorer and mountaineer Edward “Bear” Grylls, has set a new altitude record by piloting a powered paraglider above Mount Everest reaching 29,494ft (8,990m). He and his fellow pilot, Giles Cardozo, who had invented and developed the parajet engine, set out on their attempt from the Himalayan village of Pheriche (altitude 14,435ft (4,400m)) in the early morning of 14th May.

Grylls, 33, is a mountaineer, best selling author and television presenter who spent three years with the elite British Special Air Service (“SAS”) forces. During this time he was involved in a horrific parachuting accident in which he broke his back in three places, almost severing his spinal cord. Remarkably, in 1998, after months of rehabilitation, he became at 23, the youngest British climber to scale Mount Everest and return alive.

Cardozo is considered to be one of the top paragliding pilots in the world, and it is reported that he and Grylls first came up with the idea for the attempt about a year ago when he had invented the engine that would take them up the mountain.

Grylls and Cardozo flew their paragliders together to 28,001ft (8,353m) surviving temperatures of minus 76°F (-60°C) and dangerously low oxygen levels, when a fault developed in Cardozo’s engine, and he had to abort his attempt just 984ft (300m) below the summit. Grylls went on to reach his record height at 09.33 local time. He had originally intended to cross the Mountain but turned back to base camp fearing that he might be arrested if he entered Chinese airspace.

On his return to Kathmandu, Grylls voiced his feelings of loneliness and exhilaration:

When Giles descended and I found myself alone so high up I was feeling a lot more vulnerable but I knew the weather and wind conditions were perfect. It was so amazing to look into Nepal, India and Tibet and all of a sudden these great Himalayan giants looked so tiny. It was a very special moment when I realised that there was no mountain in the world above me, especially after having stood on the top of the world myself nine years ago.

The attempt was sponsored by British technology and engineering group GKN. The project, GKN Mission Everest, raised £500,000 (approximately $1m) for Global Angels, a charity helping children in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In a separate incident, a German paragliding champion has survived being sucked up by a storm to a height of 32,612ft (9,940m) whilst preparing for a world paragliding championship in Manilla, New South Wales, Australia.

Ewa Wisnierska, 35, the 2005 World Cup paragliding winner, lost consciousness and was covered in ice and battered by orange-sized hailstones as she was pulled upwards by the sudden tornado-like storm which she had been attempting to skirt. After regaining consciousness as she descended she was able to make contact with her ground team which had been tracking her by her GPS equipment, and landed safely 40 miles (60km) from where she took off.

Remarkably she spent only an hour in hospital after her experience, being treated for frostbite and blistering to her face and ears.

A fellow competitor, 42 year old Chinese man, He Zhongpin, who was also caught up in the storm, was not so fortunate and died from lack of oxygen and the extreme cold.

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Australian man arrested at U.S. Capitol building

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A 33-year old visitor to the United States, named Wen Hao Zhao from Sydney, Australia, was arrested at the Capitol building on Monday, after he was observed by police standing in a “statue-like pose” and carrying two suitcases.

When confronted by officers of the United States Capitol Police (USCP) who were called to the scene at 12:45 p.m. EST, he is reported to have been unresponsive to questioning. “He only would say at first that he wanted to speak to President Bush,” according to USCP Chief Terrance W. Gainer. Some reports suggest that the man was limited or unresponsive in his use of English.

The West Lawn area next to the Capitol building and an adjacent part of 1st Street was evacuated and tourists were briefly prevented from entering the building on the possibility that the suitcases may have contained a bomb.

Authorities X-rayed the bags and examined them for over 3 hours. One bag was found to contain only clothing. The other bag, which apparently was thought to contain wiring which might belong to an explosive device, was destroyed on-site with a water cannon; after which, the bag was found to have contained only common items such as a CD player, batteries, and a watch.

Zhao was arrested at 1:45 p.m. EST without resistance on charges of disorderly conduct; other more serious charges could be filed. However, Allen Doody of U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has indicated plans to deport Zhao back to Australia within a few days without charges. “We do not plan to charge him,” Doody said.

Zhao is dual-nationality Chinese-Australian, who entered the US legally on his Australian passport less than a week ago.

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Tips On Choosing New Entry Doors In Prince Georges County, Md


When the moment comes to upgrade your home’s Entry Doors in Prince Georges County MD, you should spend some time comparing the different types of doors available in order to determine the type of material your door should be made from.

Your selection of new entry doors will need to be based on more than just how nice they will look. The entry doors to a home can be one of the primary ways to transfer heat between the inside and outside of your home. So, if you wish your home to be as energy efficient as possible, it’s important to make sure that you purchase a door with good insulating features.

Most materials used in constructing entry doors have some insulation, though, which helps to keep the heat in the house during winter and outside during the summer. However, some materials can provide more insulation and other properties designed to make the door more efficient. One of these materials is steel.

Steel entry doors at Master Sealcan be a great choice for Entry Doors in Prince Georges County, MD for a number of reasons. Steel can withstand very harsh conditions and resist a variety of types of weather, and also has a foam core that increases its insulating properties and makes it one of the better choices for an entry door.

In addition, steel doors are also very strong and can assure the safety of those living in the home. Also, steel will not crack or warp, and it’s resistant to fire as well.

You can purchase a steel door in a variety of designs, too. Some are coated in vinyl so they can have a decorative finish in any color the homeowner may wish. However, if you would like the look of wooden doors, a steel door can also be covered with wood veneers to accomplish this look as well.

When looking for a new front door, it’s important to find a door that looks good. It’s also beneficial to find a unit that is energy efficient. For more information, please visit Master Seal Doors

One dead after motorcycle and car collision in Guernsey, Channel Islands

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A man has died as the result of a collision involving a motorcycle and another car on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. On Monday, at approximately 2130 BST (2030 UTC), 22-year-old Ryan Thomson, who came from Saint Martin, was riding on a motorcycle near to the location of the Mont Variouf School, located in Le Neuf Chemin, Saint Saviour. He collided with a stationary car and died as a consequence.

Analysis of the incident is currently occurring. States of Guernsey Police Service would now like to discuss with any witnesses who sighted two motorcycles being driven en masse near to the location of the incident at approximately 2100 BST (2000 UTC).

Members of the police force have stated that they are currently working in close cooperation with the family of Ryan Thomson; they are offering the family their sympathy.

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Wikinews Shorts: December 4, 2008

A compilation of brief news reports for Thursday, December 4, 2008.

File:Imsdal 33cl.JPG

On December 2, the Toronto city council voted in favor of banning the sales and distribution of bottled water on city property. The council also agreed to provide public drinking fountains on their properties, as well as on a measure that would make shoppers pay at least five Canadian cents for plastic grocery bags and force business owners to offer reusable bags and carry-out containers.

“Toronto’s decision to ban the bottle and turn on the tap sends a clear message that bottled water’s 15 minutes are up,” said Polaris Institute’s campaign coordinator, Joe Cressy.

All of the city’s facilities should be following the water ban by 2011, while businesses will have to implement their bag fees by 2010. Toronto has become the largest city in the world to ban bottled water on government property.

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On Tuesday, American actor, Patrick Swayze, who suffers from pancreatic cancer, denied reports that he was near death. American tabloid National Inquirer reported on November 28 that Swayze’s cancer had spread to his liver and that he was preparing for his death.

“The only thorn in my side being that many tabloids have been consistently reporting lies and false information about me and those close to me,” said Swayze in a statement to the press who also added that he knows he is in “the fight for his life,” but that it is a fight that he “is winning.”

“I’m one of the lucky few that responds well to treatment,” added Swayze.

Swayze has starred in over a dozen films, including the 1987 hit film Dirty Dancing.

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Acceptable Weight Reduction Book Meanings}

Submitted by: Tory Pantaleo

There are a variety of simple find out how to handle weight reduction that can assist collectively at the side of your meals plan as well. the easy strategies embrace altering the easiest way by which you’re residing your life and devour. With the changes will comes shedding of weight.

listed below are some ideas for losing weight:

1. Drink about eight glasses of water a day. The physique needs water to flush the wastes from the physique and to create a healthier physique.

2. begin your day trip by the use of consuming a tumbler of water, prior than you do the rest that morning, get the water into your physique to leap start your device.

three. prior than you consume any of the other meals right through the day, drink a glass of water. The water will can help you in reality really feel fuller and eat so much much less for the meal.

four. Drink every different glass all by means of the meal. The water helps your foods digest higher and helps you consume much less.

YouTube Preview Image

5. keep away from sweetened bottled drinks. The sodas are filled with sugars in order that it’ll make you reach weight.

6. Add water vegetables and fruits corresponding to tomatoes and watermelons. They include about ninety% water on one of the best ways to present the necessary water along with vitamin.

7. eat present fruit versus eating fruit juice. The drinks are sweetened whereas the current fruits wouldn’t have the elements and they additionally existing very important fiber to your meals hobbies.

eight. Add fiber to your weight reduction application. The physique needs fiber simply because it desires water.

9. eat leafy inexperienced vegetable as a present of pure fiber.

10. devour healthful ingredients by altering the sugary and starchy ingredients with pure foods.

eleven. steer clear of the garnishments to your meals. The little tasty elements are fattening.

12. prognosis to regulate your cravings for sweets. that you want to be on the other hand have the sweets alternatively sparsely and small parts. fulfill the craving through the use of eating a bite or two.

thirteen. Set a day by day time for meals. you most likely have a time table your physique turns into adjusted to the schedule together with the time table will allow you to shed some kilos.

14. devour best if you end up really hungry. consuming when you find yourself no longer hungry is likely one of the greatest causes for weight succeed in.

15. keep away from snacking between meals. eat the scheduled ingredients so that you’ll be hungry at these events.

sixteen. If it’s worthwhile to snack, devour greens or fruit. The pure ingredients are much better to eat every time of the day.

17. withstand consuming an excessive amount of espresso and tea. stay away from including the sugar and creamers to the drinks. The caffeine throughout the drinks will have to not be merely best for you, really slowing your metabolism inflicting fatigue.

18. avoid fried foods. The frying of meals gives a considerable quantity of fats to the weight loss software most of the people don’t burn leading to them gaining weight.

19. devour foods from the essential ingredients groups for each meal day by day. The meals assist to maintain you healthful.

20. Drink alcoholic drinks in moderations. they don’t seem to be simply good for you and are fattening along with to the burden purchase.

There are a few established habits in everybody’s existence that could be modified to assist with the burden loss. Use just a few of these tricks to make a healthful new starting to your existence.

About the Author: To find the perfect weight loss e-e-book publications and well being pointers read more


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Pitt and Jolie’s guard pulls gun on photographer in Pune, India

Friday, October 13, 2006

A private security guard attached to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pulled out his revolver to threaten a lensman in Pune, India. The Associated Press photographer was also roughed up by the guard, Sunil Singh, who works for Tops Securities., a tabloid in Los Angeles, however, says that two guards were involved in the attack. The incident occurred at the Sindh Society area in the suburb of Aundh.

A spokesperson for Tops confirmed the incident, although he claimed the weapon had been pulled out in “self-defence”. The accosted person himself chose to remain anonymous and refused to comment on the issue. Freelance photographer Rishikesh Puranik, who witnessed the scene, said that the AP lensman had approached Angelina Jolie with a request for a photo-shoot while she was on the sets. Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are in India to shoot for A Mighty Heart, a film based on Daniel Pearl, a journalist who was killed in 2002 while in Karachi, Pakistan.

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