On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The following is the third edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: two individuals previously interviewed by Wikinews announce their candidacies for the Reform Party presidential nomination; a former Republican Congressman comments on the Republican National Convention; and Wikinews interviews an historic Democratic National Convention speaker.

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Penske Auto selected to buy General Motors’ Saturn unit

Friday, June 5, 2009

General Motors Corporation (GM), an American automaker which has filed for bankruptcy protection, announced on Friday that the Penske Automotive Group (PAG) was selected to purchase Saturn Corporation. The transaction should be completed in October.

The purchase includes rights to the Saturn brand, its five current models and its dealership network. Two models would be discontinued, the Sky and Astra. GM would continue building the Aura sedan, the SUV’s, Vue and Outlook for at least two more years.

Saturn has 350 dealers across the United States. The dealers employ more than 13,000 jobs and sell only the Saturn autos. Canadian Saturn dealers are not included in the deal.

According to Penske future Saturn vehicles will be fuel economy focused. An expert indicated that this would move Saturn back to its roots of a entry level car company. PAG is in talks with several international automakers to replace GM after 2011. Automotive News reports that Renault Samsung Motors of Korea is the most likely candidate.

Penske wants Jill Lajdziak, Saturn’s general manager, and Tom LaSorda, former Chrysler President to head up the company when it is independent of GM.

Serra Automotive in Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County, Michigan, is in talks to take a partial ownership in a new Saturn lead by Penske.

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Tips To Follow When Sport Betting Online

Sports betting is a great enhancement to the lives of people watching sports. Not only do you get excited about your favorite team winning, you also have the chance of making profit. Sports betting even enhances satisfaction because of the introduction of sports betting online. With sports betting online, it is so much easier to do betting. One can just go to an online sportsbook and place their bets. Everything is done on the Internet and you do not have to leave the house to do your betting activities. Aside from this, sports betting online is enhanced by the Internet. You can research stats and information about different sports teams with just a few clicks of the mouse. Many sports fans and non-sports fan love sports betting online because it is practical and exciting. We want to help you enjoy sports betting so here are a few tips to follow to assure you of winning money while enjoying the games.

Betting Tip # 1: Always have a budgeted bankroll. Before you decide to wager on anything, it is important that you apply good money management to your sports betting activities. Sit down, get a piece of paper and pen plus a calculator and compute the amount of money you can put aside for sports betting. The same concept applies in budgeting your dinners at restaurants or the money you spend on clothes. The amount of money you should be willing to spend for sports betting online is an amount you can afford to lose. When you have a number, stick with that figure. Apply discipline to your bankroll management and it will make you more money rather than spill money.

Betting Tip # 2: Look around for the best sportsbook. It is important you checkout all the bookmakers and sportsbooks available. Most of the popular bookmakers have online versions so you will not have a hard time looking for them on the web. Sometimes, especially in sports like college basketball, these oddmakers will have different numbers. Choose the bookie with the best odds and numbers. Be careful with the numbers because it can go as low as just three points and that three points can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Betting Tip # 3: Avoid making sports bets when you’re drunk. Your judgment will be impaired and you will regret it in the end. You not only lose money, you also end up with a bad and expensive hangover.

Betting Tip # 4: Research, research and do more research. Know everything there is to know about the particular sport you are betting on. Research about the teams, the issues they face and detailed information such as injuries of key players.

Western Australian economy at crisis point say builders

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Western Australian Master Builders Association (MBA) yesterday demanded the Carpenter Government call an emergency cabinet meeting to avoid a “state of emergency” over the energy crisis gripping WA. A MBA spokesperson said that hundreds of workers have already been stood down, many without pay, and that the cost of building material is soaring.

The Minister for Energy, Fran Logan has admitted that the gas shortage caused by Tuesday’s fire is damaging the economy as mining, manufacturing and construction industries wind back operations. Western Australia’s two major brick producing companies have shut operations and Wesbeam’s $A100 million Neerabup pine production facility has been closed, their 130 employees have been stood down.

Wesbeam chief executive James Malone said, “It’s an industrial tsunami in my view. It’s a little ripple that has very quickly had a huge multiplying effect on the whole community”.

Michael McLean, Master Building Association director said “It’s a worst-nightmare scenario, and not one we could have imagined in our wildest dreams,” building supplies are expected to start running out by the middle of next week.

Premier Carpenter has announced a meeting of ministers and industry representatives to take place on Sunday to discuss solutions to the growing crisis. Tim Wall, managing director of Apache Corporation has said Apache is conducting a worldwide search for the parts need to repair the pipeline.

Major mining companies and Apache partners BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have already reported they are suffering with the loss of gas supply; the Chamber of Minerals and Energy has talked down the effect saying that they don’t expect the crisis to take the heat off the booming mining industry.

Opposition leader Troy Buswell has describe the performance of Fran Logan as “absolutely dismal” noting that Mr Logan had experienced a similar incident in January this year, when a fire at Woodsides Karratha operations had a similar effect.

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Signals indicate Texas economy continues to improve

Sunday, April 29, 2012

As many states across the US continue to struggle financially, many individuals, including some economists report multiple positive indicators for Texas.

The chief economist with Comerica Bank told media sources this week that most of the improvements are attributed to strong creations of jobs in both the energy and manufacturing and services sectors. More specifically, that report called the state’s recent job growth, “robust”.The state’s unemployment rate in March was more than 1% lower than the nationwide rate, according to recent data.

When asked her opinion about the state’s present economic trajectory, Chantal Woodhull, a middle school teacher in Tyler, Texas told Wikinews, “It’s getting better.” Other sources indicate slight improvements in the real estate sector.

According to a recent report, retail job growth in Houston outstretched all other states, increasing its number of workers by over 4%. Across the US, retail jobs are improving at a slow pace in many large metropolitan areas.

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The Importance Of Healthy Dog Treats

It wasnt so many years ago when dog treats consisted more or less solely of milk bones, fatty biscuits, and table scraps. Not many options, and virtually none that were healthy. Well, times have definitely changed! Nowadays, savvy pet owners choose dog treats that include greenies, healthy biscuits, and gourmet bones.Not only are there more options for now, the quality has improved significantly in recent years as well. And with the Internet boom, finding the best biscuits and bones for your puppy is as easy and tapping a few keystrokes. Its important to note that many pet owners are now advocates of healthier dog treats for monetary reasons as well. They realize that, while they tend to cost more, healthy treats and food actually save money in the long run. A healthier diet over a lifetime results in less disease and illness in senior dogs, which means a smaller vet bill.Its never too early to start feeding healthy dog treats. Puppy training often includes using a treat to reward good behavior. In one session alone, you might give your little trainee 6-10 rewards, maybe even more. Make them healthy biscuits, cookies, or bones, and youll be giving your pet a nutritious foundation for a better life.Experiment with several different kinds of dog treats and youll quickly learn which are your puppys favorites. Unlike humans when we diet, dogs seem to enjoy the healthier biscuits and bones every bit as much as the bad ones. If only we were so lucky!

Australian House of Representatives grows heated over industrial relations legislation

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Australian industral relations reform legislationmade up of 700 pages of bill legislation and 500 additional pages of explanatory memoranda was introduced into the Federal House of Representatives November 2, where the Opposition heatedly attempted to address their perceived problem of the Government’s lack of discussion and debate over the matter.

The first reading of the bill was the first order of the day, and when Kevin Andrews tried to do so, Opposition member Stephen Smith, responsible for workplace relations, immediately moved a motion deferring the bills to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation. The Leader of the House, Tony Abbott moved that Smith and the necessary supporter — viz., Julia Gillard — be not further heard (cloture). The Government’s majority in the House ensured that this would happen. However, Opposition members attempted to use House standing orders necessitating that copies of the bill to be “available to Members”, with argument arising whether “available to Members” meant all members or simply whether some copies should be available; this ended up in a dissent motion moved against the Speaker of the House.

Later, in a heated Question Time, where six members of the Opposition, (Kelly Hoare, Julia Irwin, Anthony Albanese, Bernard Ripoll, Catherine King, and Gavan O’Connor), were removed from the Chamber during Question Time under standing orders for disruption — Jill Hall quipped that she was “glad to be still here to ask [her] question” — nearly all questions to the Government put by the Opposition, the subsequent time for matters of public importance, and some members in the adjournment debate, was all on the topic of the industrial relations reform.

To implement and fund the legislation, the government will “spend an additional $486million on industrial relations changes over four years, or $121million a year. This spending would be in addition to the present annual budget of $86million.” said an unnamed government source for The Australian.

The government will need to use its corporation powers to remove the powers from the states to alter the award conditions and other employee employer related conditions. But the New South Wales premier Morris Iemma has received legal advice that the legislation maybe unconstitutional, the reason being its being used to end the role of the states and territories Australian States in the industrial relations system. “It is our view that the Commonwealth is misusing this law to achieve exactly what it was designed to prevent”, Iemma said. Mr Iemma will be challenging the changes in the high court with Peter Beattie Premier of Queensland supporting his challenge in the High Court.

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On the campaign trail, December 2011

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The following is the second in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the campaign manager for a candidate already seeking two presidential nominations discusses the likelihood his candidate will run for the Reform Party’s nomination; a lesser known candidates forum reveals an alternative fuel possibility and concludes in a dramatic fashion; and the newly nominated candidate for the Boston Tea Party talks with Wikinews.

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IBM to launch software that works on Linux, Windows and Macintosh

Monday, February 12, 2007

On Sunday the representatives of International Business Machines Inc. said that the company will launch its new desktop software system for businesses. IBM’s new product is called “Open Client Offering”. The company hopes that its product will put Macintosh or Linux software on a more equal footing with Windows.

The Open Client Offering software was developed by IBM in-house, as well as with partners like Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. It is to answer the questions regarding the cost-effectiveness of managing Linux or Apple desktop personal computers alongside Windows PCs.

IBM officials stated that Open Client Offering will allow enterprises to use the same software on Windows, Linux or Apple’s OS X. It will be unnecessary for companies using Open Client to pay Microsoft for licenses for operations because these will no longer rely on Windows-based software.

Scott Handy, IBM’s vice president of Linux and open source, stated that the company worked together with the open source community and in the end found a way to develop a software that is able to function regardless of the operating system.

To create an alternative to Microsoft, IBM is going to offer Open Document Format software that the company developed for word processing, spreadsheets or presentations, instant messaging and blog tools and Internet Explorer’s long time rival – Firefox Web browser.

The software developers at IBM believe that the usage of Open Client Offering can cut the cost of managing applications as well as maintenance and cost regarding customer support on company networks that require other software rather than Windows.

PSA Peugeot Citroen, being the second largest car manufacturer, signed a multi-year agreement with Novell, which is the provider of Linux software, to run Linux on its 20,000 desktop PCs. In addition Linux will be installed on 2,500 server computers.

RedMonk’s analyst, Stephen O’Grady, said that today there is a strong appetite for Windows alternatives. However, he said, this doesn’t mean that the alternatives are to displace Windows wholesales. O’Grady outlined that no one is going to significantly damage the desktop dominance of Microsoft.

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Things To Consider When Buying Dog Agility Equipments

By Mike II Arroyo

When planning to train your dog to be as agile as those dogs you have seen on dog competitions, you need to follow certain guidelines in order to produce optimal results. You can buy quality dog training books or ask professional dog agility trainers for instructions. You can also hire professional trainers but the cost might make you think twice. Even if you can afford a professional dog trainer it is more recommendable if you can train your dog by yourself, after all you are your dog’s master. Not to mention agility training is a perfect bonding moment for you and your dog to establish trust and confidence towards you as your dog’s master.

Now, if you have decided to train your dog by yourself you can create your own obstacle course. But be thorough in making it safe for both you and your dog; remember to fully test it before you use it. If you’re not confident in making your own agility equipments then why not buy quality dog agility equipments that are safer and made of quality materials which is perfect for your dog’s first training.

With huge line of agility equipment that can be found in the market nowadays you can easily choose the right equipment that will suit your dog’s primary needs. Here is a simple guide in buying the right agility equipment; in which if followed you definitely won’t go wrong.

Size the Training Place

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re planning to make the backyard of your house as the training place for your dog, you have to consider how many dog agility equipments it can hold.

Size and Weight of Your Dog

Considering the size and weight of your dog is very important, of course you would’nt want your dog to get stuck inside an agility equipment. By measuring your dog’s height and weight you can buy the right size and capacity that is safe for your dog.

Age of your dog

Your dog’s speed and capacity to finish an agility course also depend on his age. If you only want to have some fun with you dog and the whole family without even going somewhere from your place, then buy only the equipment that can be met by his age.

Quality of the Agility Equipment

Since there are so many agility equipments available in the market today, it is best to well research the manufacturer. You can search for comments regarding their products on dog training forums. All quality dog agility equipments come with instruction manual so you can assemble it easily.

Buy from trusted online shop

Take into account your money’s investment. Aside from the price and quality, make sure that you are only buying from the most trusted, efficient and honest online specialty store.

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