It Marketing: Benefits Focused Sales Letter

By Joshua Feinberg

No matter what niche you’re in, you should write a benefits-focused sales letter. In this article you’ll learn how this letter can improve your IT marketing.

Your high school English teacher probably told you that when you’re writing a business letter, keep it nice and short and sweet. Put that advice away. (Your high school English teacher probably never sold anything besides his or her daughter’s Girl Scout cookies!)

Long Sales Letters Should Be Used:

When you’re looking to build urgency

When you’re looking to stir up the pot


When you’re looking to get people to take action

When you’re looking to take them through the pain of what happens when they don’t do things the right way with data security

When you’re looking to take them through the joy and elation of making their staff so much more productive

When you’re looking at explaining to prospects the benefits of being able to grow their company 150% to 200% without adding much more in terms of staff

Theese are the kinds things that are best conveyed in long sales copy IT marketing letters. Don’t be afraid to do them!

Write to Your Prospect’s Points of Pain

If you don’t have a lot of expertise in writing sales letters, you may want to hire an advertising or marketing consultant or a freelance copywriter, who can do them for you. Whether you write it yourself, or outsource it, you must know your prospects’ hot buttons. And you must know the main points of pain for your particular niche.

Offer Something for Free

To generate demand with IT marketing, you may just need to send out a letter with your business card and offer some kind of bribe like a free one-hour needs assessment. Just make sure you have a deadline and limit the freebie to the first ___ local businesses that respond.

If you’re coming across as the IT expert for a niche industry, your IT marketing letters and calls should be a lot more welcomed. Your knowledge will be conveyed in the headline, and throughout the entire letter. You’re offering something that’s totally, completely relevant and most professionals will be open to hearing you.

Be sure you letter talks about work that you’ve done for other firms like theirs (think testimonials) and how you can help them. The general trends and problems of the industry will really hit home with the person that you’re targeting.

The Bottom Line on IT Marketing Sales Letters

Don’t forget, the goal with this IT marketing project should be to move your prospect onto the next logical step which is more often than not an in-depth billable IT audit. You’re moving them from free to fee… your proving ground project.

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