Ibm 95 P4437 Lto 4 Better Storage Tape

Submitted by: Gary Smart

IBM keeps on to attention on supplying high value, high dependability magnetic tape technology for superior productivity. Therefore, it developed a superior and most successful Linear Tape Open media format which able to protect high capacity with remarkable features.

The continually growing concerns about the digital data rapid growth that alarm most prominent businesses and enterprises and all governments and data storage and backup control authorities taking tough measurements to avoid the mess. The LTO Ultrium every generation designed to meet these challenges and continue progressing with high reliability and dependability with high-class storage and backup solutions. The prior generation of Linear Tape Open is already establish their efficiency and enables to tackle rapidly growing challenges of backup and storage.

The IBM 95P4437, is fourth generation of this reliable and high level media cartridge which perfectly match bale today s storage and backup demands of businesses and enterprises. These next generation media cartridge enhanced all the basic features as well adopted some unique and outstanding technologies to enhance this media format for better backup and storage solutions.


The IBM 95P4437, media cartridges have been planned and tested comprehensively for use in various brands of Ultrium tape drives and automated libraries to help dependable performance, decrease the data loss and better protection. They are planned to endure rigors of standard make use of in stand-alone and automatic settings. Every cartridge has pre install non-contact memory chip or LTO-CM that is design to communicate with LTO Ultrium 4 drive via RF (Radio Frequency) and contain an index about the compatible devices. The memory chip accelerates the access speed to the desired data with helping drives to reach on exact location of archives. This specially designed to make it possible fast and reliable load and unload process with high quality security and reliability of important data.

The LTO 4 95P4437 Tape, is offering superior capacity with best combination of finest technologies and offers users the capability to meet the growing challenges of backup and storage. The high capacity assists the business and enterprise with decrease of equipments, labor, and required space for the storing and recovery operations. The enlarged storage capacity cross the Terabytes bearer with exceptional 1.5TB native and 3.0TB of compressed data with excellent data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec of compressed formation. Both high quality features improved LTO technology importance as well reduce the total costs of operational procedures.

The newly adopted hardware based AES 256-bit data encryption technique enhanced the data protection along with WORM (Write Once Read Many) functional cartridges. The AES improved data protection when data written in encrypted formation and prevent data loss during very intensive and fast data transactions. The WORM cartridges are specially design for the very compliance regulatory data and prevent the information from overwritten, alternation, and unlawful deleting. The IBM LTO4 tape, is perfectly and reliably designed for better protection and preservation of archives files and continuing enhancing with its basic feature. These media cartridges are perfectly reliable for high demand of storage and backup challenges and able to support very busy and high-end data storage facilities.

The IBM 95P4437 LTO4 is a remarkably perfect media cartridge for very high-end data storage environments..

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