How You Should Fill Out A Job Application

By Jill Avery

Now, it is time for you to look for work. Are you excited? Filling up the job application form is the first step of applying for a job so you need to be able to do it perfectly if you want higher chances of getting an interview and consequently, successfully get the job. So, are you ready to know some tips on how to fill out your first job application form?

Well, first impression always lasts. Therefore, you should start impressing people from the Human Resources Department when you get your job application form. You should wear appropriate attire when you ask for the application form. Be grateful and do not forget to say ‘thank you.’

When you already have the application form, read it first before filling them up. Make sure that you have all the information needed on the application form so you can completely fill the form later. In addition, be sure that you read the instructions carefully so you would not have any mistake with your application form. Following directions is very important and making a mistake on the first part of applying for a job is not an option.


Make a copy of the application form and do a practice-run for the application form. In this way, you would have an idea how many words will fit in the boxes, so when you already filling up the original form, you would know what adjustments you have to do so the information will perfectly fit on the lines and on the boxes. A very clean and neat application form may impress them and it who knows, it may give you points for an interview.

Consistency is very important when you filled up your application form. Be sure that you have consistent and accurate data because the recruiter will check for these things. The information you have on your resume should be the same with the data you include on your application form. The dates should be exactly as what stated on your resume. If the recruiter sees any discrepancy, he or she might think that, you are being dishonest and that will not give you good points. Also, do not give negative information on your form. You would not want the recruiter to have negative information about you if you really want to have this job.

After you have already filled-up the application form, do not give it back immediately to the HR Department. You still have to check it and make sure that there are no mistakes on the form. If it can still wait, it is better of you wait for another day and then check again the form for any errors you might possibly made. If you are a hundred percent sure already that the form is perfect, you can submit it to the office.

If you are confident about the job application form you submitted, then just wait for some days and you will be able to receive a call scheduling you for an interview.

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