How To Clean A Marble Tile Surface

byAlma Abell

Marble is a beautiful natural material which often used as a design element in fine homes and offices. Many walls, floors and even countertops are surfaced with marble. Because it is a stone people are of the opinion that it is virtually indestructible, unfortunately this is not the truth and marble can be damaged if the wrong types of cleansers or the wrong approach is taken to marble tile cleaning in Lynden, WA. There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that your marble surfaces retain their original beautiful appearance for many years.

Unlike granite, marble is quite porous and if anything is inadvertently spilled on marble it should be cleaned immediately otherwise it will quickly stain. Water is not the issue but just about every other liquid is; wine, soft drinks, vinegar and even fruit juices such as orange and grapefruit will discolor the surface. The secret is to immediately wipe up the spilled material with a soft damp cloth, then rinse the spot with lukewarm water and then pat to completely dry using a clean, soft cloth.

There are other types of tile floor surfaces, ceramic for example, that can be cleaned with abrasive powered cleansers; do not use these abrasive materials to clean marble, they should never be used for any reason as they will scratch the surface. Tough stains on marble are best attacked with ammonia, let the plain ammonia stay on the stain for a few minutes and then scrub using a very soft cloth which has been moistened with water. Once the stain has been removed follow the same final directions, wet the stained area with tepid water and then pat the area dry.

If you are not aware of a spill and the stain should dry on the floor ammonia is used again, this time mixed with warn water. Use a sponge mop to carefully work the ammonia and water solution into the stain; this will gradually lift the stain from the marble. When you are doing this type of marble tile cleaning in Lynden, WA it is important that you take your time, letting the mixture soak well into the marble. Use minimum pressure on the sponge mop; this minimizes the chances of scratching the surface.

It is recommended that marble floors be treated with a polish periodically and after polishing apply a sealant as the final layer of protection, use only a sealant that has been formulated specially for use on marble.

Grout and tile cleaning in Lynden, WA is something that should be done every year or two depending on the traffic in your home. Click here to know more.