Handsome Is As Handsome Does!}

Submitted by: Arnab Roy Choudhury

So, who doesnt want to look better than they actually are? In a superficial world as ours, the idea of beauty is sadly enough, skin-deep. In this shallow world, the good-looking men woo the women, grin at their bosses with panache, avail better customer service, and seem to walk with a more confident stride. Lets try making it easier for you. Some logical advice, some tips & some good habits for the men in need!

Do you have a barber who understands you?

Firstly, they should be patient. They should be able to listen to your directions, and combine the talent of hair-aesthetics with what you want. And, after the 20 minutes of chop-chop (a good barber takes 20 minutes minimum!) you should be able to look into the mirror and smile happily!

Do you have a nice & clean home?

Clutter causes chaos, stress and unhappiness. If youre living in a house, with lack of air and sunshine, your good looks might diminish. Also, if you are constantly living in a space with smells like stale pizza, you will smell like that as well. For Gods sake, use a room freshener. If you dont own one, use a body spray. They will at least be nice-smelling! Remember, women are terribly repelled by bad odour!


Do you use sunscreen?

Yes, men need to slather themselves with sunscreen before heading out just like the girlies.

Suns rays are harmful, and can cause premature ageing. So save yourselves, guys! And avoid the use of Botox. Use a good sun protection cream/ lotion, or borrow some from your girlfriend.

Do you moisturise daily?

Theres no shame in using male grooming products. Use them with pride. And of them all, definitely dont ditch the moisturiser. Your mug will look healthier as moisturisers contain essential vitamins for your face. (psst: Use a good one!)

How to stop sweating and smell nice?

Well, after all you are a human being. Its not entirely possible to stop sweating completely. So if you want to stop looking like a sloppy, sweaty mess, heres how you can.

You can limit your alcohol and caffeine, you can de-stress with certain exercise and meditation, and you can use a body spray liberally. Take a cold shower, and put on a deodorant or an anti-perspirant just before sleeping. This helps in blocking the sweat glands, and you feel fresher when you wake up. Add a good deodorant and nice cologne to your monthly list of male grooming products for sure!

Do you have healthy eyes?

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. And, unhealthy lifestyle choices, though admittedly a lot of fun, can turn the underside of your eyes into deep, foul craters! While moisturisers help, using eye creams is a better idea, as it is specially created for the thin skin around the sockets. Experts say, if your eyes are puffed up, you need to consume lesser salt. And, if they are always dark, you need sleep and you need to quit smoking!

Other than these, be active, brush your teeth every day, trim your beard, and smile a lot!

Heres wishing you good luck, handsome!

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