Getting The Best Out Of A Resolved Or Fixed Relationship

Submitted by: Jacob Coroner

There are certain situations prevailing in some relationships that gives the impression that the circumstances are not redeemable but this is often far from the truth because in actual fact those grey areas can be resolved. It is common knowledge that most couple contend with issues daily and it is often the ability to manage them that stands them out from some others who can t stand the rigors of working hard to maintain what they believe in. Couples with history of long standing relationships haven t got any magic formula or amalgam which they use rather it has always been all about patience, perseverance and working at managing their relationship.

Some people think that others are more skilled or adept at managing relationships but with others who are not so skilled a major step at moving ahead is the willingness to initiate and accept steps which will bring about the desired change in the relationship. A party might be interested in making corrective changes but if the other party is having doubts as to this step fixing the relationship will naturally be a much knotty issue than expected. However, there are many proven strategies which can be learnt that will help elicit the interest of your lover and help move the relationship forward through working together.


While working at moving the relationship to the next level coming from a stormy phase you need to introduce new things which are meant to change your situation for the better arising from both party s evaluation of what the grey areas are which need to be eliminated. If for instance the relationship had issues in the past resulting from argument and blame trading it is expected that following from this efforts should be concentrated at communication in the relationship which will be geared towards understanding and patience in order to avoid the pitfalls from the past.

Further to consolidating your ground in the relationship, it is expected that as a sign of your reformation most conversations or topics relating to your plans for the future with your spouse should form the thrust of your discussions with her so that she knows that you are ready to carry her along and also incorporate her in your agenda. This gives her renewed faith in your ability to take care of her and it will also influence her mentality in support of your goals and aspirations such that in future when the chips are down she will always stand by you.

In getting the best of out of your relationship which had initially suffered a set back for whatever reason it is essential to ensure that grey areas which caused the initial setback are consciously taken note of and dealt with so that they do not reoccur again. This process involves a continuous effort at managing changes which are negative to the relationship. Change in itself is not easy to come by but through continuous and conscious effort at a paradigm shift the desired results will always be achieved.

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